Tuesday, January 20, 2009


getting things fixed 4 months after that damn hurricane! So yeah, the roof is done. Now the next thing is the electricity box. Before the hurricane it was already being pulled from my house because the energy company changed the pole that my electric wires are connected to. When they moved the pole it pulled on my wires and started to pull the electric box off the back of my house ( i told the electric company this and they said it wasn't their problem that I would need to get an electrician and pay for it myself!) . So then when hurricane Gustav hit the wind moved the pole and pulled my wires even more and pulled the nails out more. Well, after they finished the roof and I was looking back there I noticed the box was pretty much hanging off! Not good! So I have been calling my roofer who is really a general contractor and asking him if he could get his electrician out to look at it. I figured we'd just stay with him instead of calling around and finding the electrician ourself. So anyway, my roofer calls me this morning to tell me the electrician came out and his charge to fix the electric box is going to be $1,135! Yes, he must be crazy! The insurance company only gave us $300. So I call my husband and tell him and he's like no way, we'll get another estimate. So he calls another company and they came out within 15 minutes! The guy takes a look at the damage and tells me it'll cost between $300 and $400. Whoo, ok, much better! So he is coming out next Tuesday to fix it. Now I have to call the roofer to tell his guy not to come out. I'm sure he'll be pissed but oh well, he shouldn't have tried to jack up the price on me so much.
And after that's finished we still have the inside repairs to do, the sheetrock and drywall. He said he was going to send someone out this week to come do it but I was like nope. First you need to come and write up an estimate telling me exactly what's being done and then give me a total price! Because I'm sure he's going to try to jack me on that too. I guess if he trys that I'll just find someone else!