Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beach Trip!

We took a mini vacation to Gulf Shores, AL July 28th and 29th. We hadn't been since Sept. 2003 then Hurricane Ivan came through in 2004 and tore everything up so this trip was mainly to see how everything had built back up and scout out places to stay for our longer beach trip Labor Day weekend. Everything looked great, if not better really. Some things were gone or still the way they were left after Hurricane Ivan but not too bad. We also found a nice place to stay. Eddie's brother and his wife's family had a place right on the beach that we really liked. And we happened to meet one of the resident's there who fell in love with Chase =) She owns 2 condos in this she lives in and one she rents. So she took us up and showed us around. It was only a one bedroom but it was cute and that's all we need anyway. There's a pull out couch bed or the kids can sleep on their blow up mattress's. It overlooks the pool and the beach. And she can't wait for us to come back. She'll be surprised though because when we go back we will be staying in the condo next to hers. We have a few other people coming this time so her one bedroon unit won't work. But it will when we go back with just our family in November.

Anyway, we had a really good weekend and the weather was perfect! Stayed on the beach Saturday then went out to eat (which was a bad idea! There was over an hour wait everywhere we went!) then swam that night. Sunday we went to this really cool amusement park that had a really neat wooden go cart track that kinda went up and around like a roller coaster! The kids had a blast! We figured we would do that early before it got too hot or busy. Then we stayed on the beach the rest of the day and swam in the pool.
Of course Eddie got sunburned! I told him to put on the sunscreen but he just wouldn't listen. Oh well, he paid for that one in a big, BIG way! Kinda goes with the "I HATE THIEVES" story below. Had he not gotten sunburned he would have taken the video camera out of the car when he was supposed to instead of leaving it in there to get stolen!
Anyway, it's 2 weeks later and he's still peeling! I can't wait for Labor Day weekend to get here!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It is HOT as H-E-L-L outside! Shit, it's hot as hell inside! Our temps have reached 100 for the past few days. I don't think my air conditioner has gone off. Seriously, it runs 24/7. By the time it reaches the temp I have set it's 4 a.m. I know this because I was up at 4 a.m. this morning when it finally went off. Only to come back on 45 min. later and it hasn't shut off since.
It is 100 outside right now and it's funny because my weather bug says the heat index is 173! Ha, it must be lying, although it really does feel that hot! It is 82 degrees in my house right now, that's as far as it can cool. They say that it can only cool 15 degrees below what the temperature is outside so I'd say it's doing pretty good to get it down to 82! I have all the ceiling fans on plus another big floor fan in the back of the hallway.
It's even to hot to swim! We've been swimming everyday but it's just gotten to the point to where we can't take it anymore. Jumping in the pool should be refreshing, right? Well, not here! The pool water is just as hot as the actual temperature! And jumping into a HOT pool is not cool! So today we skipped the swim and stayed in but then the kids (all 5 of them! my 3 plus the little girl I watch and my nephew) were going crazy being stuck in the house. We tryed to go outside but just couldn't do it. They'd get all sweaty and red faced within minutes of being out there. I was drenched and I was sitting still AND in the shade!
Louisiana summer's SUCK! Please someone send some cool no COLD air our way!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Diaper Cake!

Ok, I am a little behind here but trying to catch up!

I hosted a baby shower on July 21 for a neighbor friend of mine. We live on a small street with about 15 houses and the first 8 houses are all very good friends. So we all got together and brought food and another neighbor grilled for us and let us use his large covered porch. Another neighbor's friend owns a Spacewalk and let us use that for the kids! It went very well.

I made my first diaper cake! It came out so good =)

So here are some pics.