Thursday, September 13, 2007

In love with Rock of Love!

I really hate and try to stay away from the reality tv shows! But one late night I couldn't sleep so I was flipping through the channels and ended up on VH1. There was this show called "Rock of Love" with Bret Micheal's from Poison and I used to love them ya know, like 20 yrs. ago. SO I start to watch and it's actually pretty good. I guess it started out with 20 something chics all living in the house together trying to win Bret over. By the time I started watching it it was already down to 10, I think. And I just loved Sam (she was let go last week because she was too emotional) and Jess (who I think might win, she's a cutie and has class unlike the other 2 left).
So far the last show is my fave when they go to Vegas. So here are 2 clips from that show.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where does the time go? And Tagged Answers!

Wow, I can't believe my last entry was almost a month ago! Time is just flying by way too fast! We've still been swimming at least 3 times a week. I'm only watching one little girl now and we will start homeschooling this Monday September 10. We're still going to keep swimming 2 to 3 times a week until it gets too cold, which for here might not be til late January, ha ha! Hell, the pool is heated so maybe we might never stop! That will count as their P.E. for homeschooling.

Let's see...since my last entry on Aug, 12 Chase got sick with Mycoplasma pneumonia, Brenden celebrated his 12th birthday and we went back to the beach for Labor Day weekend. I guess I will put each of those in their own separate entry's.

Oh, and I was tagged by Becky not to long ago and I totally forgot to post my answers! Sorry Bec!

The requirement for this "tag" was to list eight of the jobs I've had or have currently!
Here we go!

1) In home childcare
2) Preschool teacher at Millerville Academy
3) Hairstylist/Barber at Wayne's Hairstyling & Barber Shop
4) Mary Kay consultant
5) Counter girl at TCBY yogurt
6) Hostess at Ziggy's Restaurant
7) Hostess at Ryan's Restaurant
8) Inventory clerk for Surveyor's Services

Goodness, I really had to think about those!