Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today has actually been a good day. The kids didn't fight too much and there was minimal yelling, LOL! Eddie and the kids gave me an iphone! (Yeah, I know, I just got a new Pantech Duo for my anniversary a little over a month ago. That one broke and they don't allow insurance on it so I was up shit creek.) So anyway, that was exciting, its really cool and I love it! We went to the At&t store and the Apple store to get a case for it but neither had the one I wanted so we went to the mall. I was walking past one of those kiosk things and noticed cases for the iphone and found the exact color I was looking for PURPLE! And it was $20 cheaper than the other stores! Then we went to get Eddie & Bren some Polo shirts and the the White Barn Candle Co. to get Eddie's mom a Mother's Day Gift. After that we went to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro. Thank goodness it was a short wait but damn they were busy! We ordered our drinks and an appetizer, then when he brought our drinks he took our order and after waiting just a bit our food shows up and not our appetizer, WTF! I really wanted our Spinich and Artichoke dip =( So I mention it to him and he apologizes and says it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. OK. Eddie said thank goodness the food was good or he would have been pissed! Oh and right as they bring our food Logan and Chase start fighting and knock a drink over on the table! Nothing like a big Sprite spot on my pants. After we ate we got 2 orders of Cheesecake cuz damn that stuff is so rich it will kill ya! The boys shared the chocolate chip cookie dough and Eddie and I shared the dulche de leche praline, YUM!
We came home for a little while to relax then went to Eddie's parents house to bring his Mom her gift. We stayed there for about 2 hours and right when we were about to leave I got a call from my neighbors across the street. He's 19 and his girlfriend is 16, it's his Mom's house but she works out of state most of the year. They had bought me a Dragonfly solar light for the front landscape! That was so sweet =)
Overall, I'd have to sat it was a great day =)
Happy Mother's Day to all my girlfriends!