Thursday, November 27, 2008

I hope everyone had a full day with family & friends. We went to my parents today. It was our first Thanksgiving with us all together in a few years. My parents just moved back from New Jersey. I am thankful to have them here again =)
I know I haven't posted in a while. Things here have been crazy busy! But the Chritmas season is upon us now which means I'll be posting almost everyday with Christmas activities that we do in the days leading up to Christmas day =)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Today is my hubby's 38th birthday! Of course dum dum didn't even think to take off work. I ended up cleaning the house all day b/c I had invited his parents over for cake and ice cream tonight. Then the kids and I went and got the plates and the cake and found a present for them to give to him. He's so picky so we weren't sure what to get but then I remembered this past weekend he'd been looking in the cabinets for a glass shot glass, all we had was plastic. So we got him a set of 4 shot glasses. I got him a card and put $50 bucks in it. After he got off work I took him (and the kids) to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant. We got home about 7:30 and his parents came over shortly after.
Happy Birthday Honey =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

When it rains, it pours...literally.

Well, it rained today. And it's raining in my house. I've called the roofer so many times and left messages to no avail. Still waiting for him to call me back.
Then Tuesday night, I was outside and noticed water gushing down my driveway. I head up the driveway and notice it pouring out of a pipe on side my house. I know sometimes if the AC pan overflows it will leak out but this was steaming, scolding hot water! So I run back in the house and go up in the attic. The pipe that comes off the water heater is burning hot. The water heater thermostat trip button won't trip so it's overheating and instead of exploding it has a safety valve that releases the hot water. Great, just great. I'm trying to save up for my roof and now this. So now, about every few hours it releases the very hot water into my driveway. I'm sure that can't be good for my electric bill or water bill. Today when a neighbor drove by and asked why I had steaming water coming out the side of my house, I was kind of embarrased! So I went in the attic and pulled the breaker plug. I also got the model numbers off the water heater and gave them to my husband. He went to Sears service center at lunch and thinks he got the right part. I guess we'll see tonight when he comes home and tries to fix it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still need a roof =( Anyone want to donate?

I'm still dealing with the roof issue. A friend of mine down the street has a friend who owns his own roofing company. He gave me his estimate for labor only. It's $2,400. Not bad. But I have to get my own materials. So I've been getting estimates. I found 2 places that were really nice, the others either only sell to contractor's or were no help at all. So the 2 that did give me quotes came out only a few dollars difference. One is $3610.37 with free delivery and the other is $3615.62 with a $25 delivery charge. I'm going to go with the first one with free delivery. So $3610.37 + $2400= $6010.37 and my insurance check was for $4781.77. So I'm $1,228.60 short! Under normal circumstances we'd be able to come up with that money from my husband's work check, buuuut....being he lost over $3000.00 on his last check due to the hurricane we're pretty strapped. And then with Christmas coming up, well, it's just not good. Other family members can do without, but we've got 3 boys to buy for. This just sucks.

Being we are going to have to wait to get our roof I keep calling the roofer to at least come out and put the tarps on to hold us over. He keeps saying he's going to come but never does! All of our tarps have ripped and blown off. Thank goodness it has not rained here in a long time. But, our forecast says we have rain coming this Thursday and Friday! Yikes! If it's not covered before then it's going to get pretty wet in the attic and ruin my ceilings more. My roof looks like a strainer, LOL! Ok, well that's not really funny.
Going to go call the roofer guy again and try to get him out here!

Election Day

Did you vote? I did. And I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed that the candidate I chose wins!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November and Daylight Saving Time

I can't believe it's already November! I find that once Halloween hits Thanksgiving comes so fast and then next thing ya know it's Christmas. When I was younger it seemed like Christmas took forever to get here and now I feel like time just fly's by. Scary!
After trick or treating Friday night on our way to eat pizza we passed by a plant nursery and I was shocked to see they were all decorated for Christmas with the lights on and all! Then on our way home we stopped by Walmart and the Christmas music was already playing! Goodness!
And now this stupid daylight saving time switch...I hate that. I hate when it gets dark so early in the evening! Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it.
So today I guess I'll take down my Halloween decorations and start getting my Christmas decorations ready to put out!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a really good Halloween! The boys dressed up...Bren wore a black cloak with his Jason mask, Chase was Ironman and Logan was a Ninja. I got the kids ready early because we had to run to Target and then to the costume store b/c I forgot to get Chase's Ironman gloves! Then we had to go by and visit with the "adopted" grandparents so they could see their costumes and give them their treat bags. They are so sweet. It sucks that my Mom went back to New Jersey last Saturday to help my Dad pack up the house since they are moving back in 2 weeks. I wished she couldve stayed for Halloween so she could see the kids. And of course Eddie's parents didn't even call or give half a shit about what the kids were even dressing as for Halloween. Oh well.
Then we went back home and I put a bucket of candy out for any trick or treaters that might come by and waited for Eddie to get home so we could leave. Each year we trick or treat in our own neighborhood and we have a block party on our street with food and drink and we all get together. But over the years our neighborhood has become a ghost town. Once you step off our street it's just baron. So we'd always try to go find a house with a light on then come back to our street and eat, drink and watch the kids play in the street.
Last year we had promised Chase's old Kindergaten teacher we'd come by her neighborhood and visit and let her see their costumes. When we got to her neighborhood it was booming! Kids everywhere, almost every house was decorated and porch lights on almost every house! It was awesome! So we decided this year to just skip our neighborhood all together and go to hers. We called her earlier in the week and she invited us over before I could even ask if she minded.
Here we have certain hours we can trick or treat, between 6 and 8 p.m. So we got there at 6:15, parked and visited with Mrs. Debbie for a little bit. She had made special treat bags for the kids, she's so sweet. Then we headed down her street to almost every house. The kids loved it. The people were so nice and complemented the kids on the costumes and of course I made sure that my boys said thank you after leaving each house =)
There was one house in particular that I will not forget! We walked up and they had a display on a table filled with cookies from "Cookies By Design" or "Cookie Bouquet" in some areas.
I LOVE these cookies! I have known the owner for many, many years only because we had a store right down the road and I would stop by all the time to get me a cookie! A few years ago he closed that store and moved to a more central location so I don't get by there as much (not that I really need it anyway, LOL!) Anyway, he wasn't there it was his parents handing them out so the kids walked up to get one and she told my husband and I to come pick one out too! I was so happy!
After walking her street, which was very long we walked a half of another street and then turned around b/c the kids were getting tired of walking and Chase had to pee! We went back to Mrs. Debbie's and told her goodbye. We decided to go eat pizza since none of us had eaten yet. But along the way we stopped by our neighborhood just to see how it was and it was completely empty. Not one kid in sight, sad. And we drove by our street and there were only like 4 people out there. I guess most of us with kids left this year. So we went and ate pizza and were home by 9 and no one was outside at all, boring! I'm so glad we made the right choice to go to our friend's neighborhood.
Here are some pics-