Friday, March 28, 2008

Logan's first big boo boo...

Logan was riding his Jeep Power Wheels down the street this evening and a car was coming so he pulled over into the grass like a good boy to wait for the car to pass. Well, it was our neighbors across the street and the old man honked his horn not knowing that Logan is scared to death of horns (thanks to another neighbor!) So when he honked Logan started going up further into my next door neighbors grass and accidentally ran over her reflector pole. When the reflector pole came back up he popped the crap out of his forehead. But at the time I had no idea that had happened I thought he was coming toward me because he was scared. So when he gets to me all I see is blood gushing down his face! AND a half a golf ball size knot on his head! I was freaking out! I told the kids to go get an adult, any adult because I seriously thought I was gonna pass out! So the neighbor 2 houses down came over (the one who made Logan scared of horns to begin with!) and took care of Logan. He told me to just stay back b/c I was freaking Logan out more! Once he got the blood cleaned up and stopped it didn't look as bad. Just big! For a second there with all that blood I thought for sure we were going to the emergency room for stitches. Thank goodness it wasn't that bad.

Anyway, he's fine. Just scared the crap outta me. He's never really hurt himself before!

Here is a pic, kinds hard to see how big the knot is but you get the idea...

Oh, and the story behind the horn...the neighbor 2 houses down thinks it's funny to come home from work drunk every afternoon. So when he would see Logan riding in his Jeep he would honk his horn thinking it was funny, but it scared Logan to death! The last time he did it, just a day before the accident, he drove right up next to Logan and kept honking and Logan came running inside screaming. The neighbor wanted to apologize but Logan wouldn't come back out so he came in and told him he was sorry and gave him a hug. He said he wouldn't do it again, but the damage is already done! Now he's scared of any horn!

Picture for the Night

I took this tonight. It's in my neighbor's flower bed and I'm not 100% sure what it is. If I had to guess I'd say it was a Tulip or a Lily, heck, I don't know! I'm not really good with flowers and plants so if someone knows feel free to let me know! I just thought it was so pretty!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mr. Mohawk!

This is Logan (& Brenden) the day after Easter. But on Easter Sunday I had Logan's hair fixed all nice until he was watching Eddie do his hair and Eddie thought it would be funny to put some gel in his hair and make a mohawk. So then I try to fix it back and he freaks out and ends up going to Easter dinner at Eddie's parents with a freakin' mohawk!
I didn't get a good pick of it that day but the next day when I was fixing his hair he said he wanted it stuck up again! So here he is... and I don't know what's up with the new smile thing he's got going on, LOL!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

DHL Sucks!

What a better way to get the word out then the Internet! This morning I was waiting for a package. More specifically, my new Pantech Duo Phone from AT&T. I knew they had sent it DHL and it was out for delivery and they usually come around 10:30. The van pulls in my driveway and I walk to the front door so I can have the packaged handed to me instead of set by the door but when I get to the door I hear a loud thud and see my package roll to the side of the porch almost into the flower bed and then the beeping sound of the vans reverse alarm. (So that crazy bitch pulled in my driveway, THREW my package about 12 feet and HIT my DOOR! Didn't even bother to get out of the van!) I open the door and the girl is already backing down the street so I step out and say "Did you just throw that at my door?" Her window was up but she knew what I was saying. She rolled her window down and I repeated myself to her. Her reply was a guilty no. I said, "well I saw you" and her rude reply to me was "SO". I was shocked! I said , "I can't believe you threw that at my door! I will be calling your company". And her reply...she says, "I don't care, do it"!
OKAY! So, I did. The customer service rep was surprised too. He was very nice and took my complaint. He had me open the package to make sure all was okay, which on the outside it was but I told him I needed to charge the phone first to make sure it worked. He said someone would contact me later about this and to make sure the phone was okay. Oh, and he's sending me a $20 voucher for shipping, pffft! I was nice and just said thank you, but really, c' ya really think I'm going to choose to ship with your company after what just happened? I don't think so.
DHL has always been a problem on our street, mainly with excessive speeding. (We live on a street that is a dead end, not much longer than a football field and the width of an alley way! Speeding on our street is just ridiculous!) I've never had any problems with Fed ex or UPS doing this.
Anyway, the phone works and surprisingly enough I got a call a little bit ago from the area manager asking about what happened. He was shocked too and of course apologized, blah, blah, blah. Says he will forward this to the drivers manager. I really think that rude bitch should be fired!
So the next time you go to ship something think twice before using DHL!

And BTW...I Love my new phone! It's pretty cool and will be much easier to text on. Well, that is when I learn how to use the darn thing, LOL! Off to read the instruction manual cuz dang these new phones are really complicated!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I do it Myself

Is Logan's latest motto. I was trying to get him dressed today and into his pull-up when he insisted that "Mommy, I do it myself". So I let him. He did pretty good, all except the shirt which he told me he wanted Brenden to help him with. He walked out to Bren and said "Look Bren bren, I did it myself! Can you help me put my shirt on?" It was so cute =)