Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delta Airlines Field Trip!

Okay, so on the way home from the zoo we have to pass by the airport. Logan loves airplanes so we always stop on side the road to see if any planes are coming or going even though it says not to! So we waited for a few minutes and no planes came in or out. So we went a little ways down the road and turned into a parking lot of a business to sit and watch. While we were waiting I saw this man sitting outside smoking a pipe and decided to get out and ask him where the best place to see the planes would be and tell him how my sons love planes, etc. So he tells me the best place to see a plane up close would be right inside in the hangar! I was like COOL! He told me to hang on for a sec while he went inside to make sure it was okay for us to come in. He came back out and told me to bring the kids in! Come to find out we were at the Delta Airlines Maintenance Facility, where they bring the planes in to do the checks and stuff. We signed in and he gave us a tour. First he showed us the jets that go on the plane and gave us a little education on them. Like the fact that they each weigh about as much as a car and only cost 8.1 MILLION dollars! Then he took us out in the hangar where they had a small jet in for maintenance. The kids got to touch it as the man explained about the wings and how they work, it was very interesting! As we walked around the plane the door was open and the steps down so we climbed on board. Logan had a blast running up and down the isles. Then he and Kaiden sat in the seats and locked themselves into their seatbelts. The cockpit was so tiny! The boys had fun getting themselves into the Pilot seat and pretending like they were flying and checking out the instrument panel (which was very large and confusing I must say!)

When we were done we walked through another door and into an office where a gentleman had 5 delta cups filled with peanuts & crackers like they give to the passengers. The kids thought that was pretty cool too!

I'm just so glad we stopped there because it turned out to be a really neat experience.

Zoo Field Trip!

Today we went to the Baton Rouge Zoo. Our weather has been absolutely beautiful, in the upper 60's, lower 70's (which is totally abnormal for here!) so I figured it would be a great time to go to the zoo! We got there about 10:30 and of course the whole state must have also thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo because there were like 17 school buses and the parking lot was very full, ugh! So we go in and I had wanted to ride the train first but it was too busy. So I had my route planned out and we started walking to the tigers. Along the way I notice tons of construction...the whole zoo was undergoing renovations. Couldn't they have done this during the Winter so they'd be done by Spring? I mean it's not like we have frigid winter weather here!

So we go to see the tigers first. Only 1 was there, the other was gone b/c they were renovating his cage. Then onto the Giraffe's. At first they were kinda far away and nothing exciting but as soon as we started walking away they started coming toward the fence. The kids loved that! Then this one giraffe sticks out his tongue and we were all laughing at how long it was! But then he turns his tongue up towards his nose and starts sticking it way up his nose and digging! EW! But it was soooo funny, we've never seen that before!
Then we went on to the animal farm and kids petting zoo. In the petting area there were some cute little goats that were not shy at all! I set my bag down on a wooden table and this cute as can be little goat came up and was trying to gnaw through my bag! There was food in my bag although I don't think he could smell it, I guess he just knew! So everywhere I went with my bag he followed me. The kids got to pet them and brush them, it was a lot of fun!
After that we went to the playground and thankfully all of the other kids on the field trips were not allowed to so that was great. The kids love that playground, the toys are big, fun and safe and the flooring is made of old rubber from tires so it's kinda bouncy and they think it's neat. So they played and ate their snacks.
When they were done playing we walked back up to the front to ride the train. Logan's favorite part. He loves trains and airplanes! We didn't do the whole zoo because the kids seem to get bored so we just do different sections each time we go. And good thing we saved some of our energy because on the way home we took a detour and had a whole nother field trip! I'll post about that in a bit.

Here are some pics...
Logan was being silly sticking his tongue out in that second pic!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crawfish, Crayfish, Mudbugs...

Whatever it is that you call them, here we call them Crawfish...YUM! We had a crawfish boil today. It was a last minute decision so it was just us and Bren's friend Richard. Normally we would invite many people. We will be doing that with our neighbors soon.

Eddie boiled them and I set everything up while the kids played with (tormented!) the other crawfish waiting to swim (be tortured to death in boiling water)!

Below are some pics from start to finish. As you can see in the pot we add potatoes, corn, sausage, onions, mushrooms and even threw some broccoli in this time just to see how it would taste! (for the record...brocolli should not be cooked with crawfish and the seasonings, it was nasty!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We went to the circus this afternoon! My kids had never been before so I figured I should take them before they get too old! I had always wanted to take them but never knew when it was coming. But this time I received an envelope in the mail with 20 free kids tickets, dates and times so that worked. We went to the 4:30 show and brought Bren's friend Richard. Man, was I surprised when we got in line how expensive the tickets were! I don't think I've been to the circus in over 20 yrs. but I know for a fact it was only a few dollars back then. Adult tickets were $20! Kids tickets were $8 but I had the free passes for them. Except for Richard since he's 14, and he looks it so I couldn't pass him off for 12 & under, LOL! Thank goodness a woman in line had some buy one get one free adult passes and was handing them out to whoever wanted one. I definitely took that! We went in and it was packed, but they found us 6 spots together on the nasty bleachers that were so uncomfortable they made your ass numb! All in all, it was a good time. They did the high wire tricks on the motorcycle, clowns, elephants, dogs doing tricks and the trapeze act. It was neat and the kids enjoyed it. And thank goodness we had the best weather! It was in the low 70's and perfect!

Here are some pics...

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This is the second time in 3 days that my age has come up. First was when Marlen told his girlfriend Dana that I was over 10 yrs. younger that her because he thought I was like 30! Then Friday night while we were out my brother's (just newly EX fiance) came in with 2 friends. They sat with us for a few minutes so I made conversation with them. One of the girls was talking about how old she was and about how she was going to an old person bar after. I thought she was at least 44-45 so I asked how old she was and she replied "37". So I asked her how old she thought I was and she answered 29! I was like thank you, but I'm the same age as you! (Well, I will be in July) She was surprised. As are most people when i tell them my age, everyone always guesses between 27 and 31. And that's just fine by me!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Anniversary Night Out

We went to Fleming's Steak House. It was okay, not as good as it was last time we went. Last time the steak just melted in your mouth but this time they overcooked it for sure. For dessert we had the Creme Brule' with Strawberries and Blueberries and some yummy whipped cream, that was pretty good. After we weren't sure where we wanted to go. Unfortunately, it was raining and the places we wanted to go required parking in a parking garage and walking a good bit! There was no way I was walking in the rain especially in the shoes I was in! And the outside patio bars were soaked and closed and that's where we like to be. We tried to go to another place but it was way to busy so we ended up going to the little daiquiri bar we always go to.
So it was an okay night. Just wish it wouldn't have rained.

DHL Sucks! UPDATE...

I had meant to post this a while back...remember when I said the company was going to send me a prepaid mailer for my troubles? Well, it came the next day and my son happened to be up front when they delivered it. Go figure that it was the SAME rude bitch that had thrown my package the day before! Although he did tell me that this time she did get out of her van and gently placed it neatly on the doorstep!

Also, this was just sent to me today by an anonymous blogger! Thank you Anonymous! I guess it's just taught in DHL school to throw the package no less than 12 feet from the door, LOL!
Check it out...

Friday, April 4, 2008


I found this on another blog...

Why did you start your blog? Hmmm, there was a main reason that I started this blog but have not been able to talk about it yet. I will when the time is right. I guess my reason is to vent, and get things out of my head since I'm always with the kids and don't have many adults to talk to! Also, so I can document things I don't want to forget or funny things that happen.

How did you come up with your blog name? Ha! At the time I was feeling really overwhelmed and it seemed like someone was always wanting something so I would always say "Mommy only has 2 hands"please be patient and I will do one thing at a time.

Do your friends and family know about your blog and if so, what do they think of it? A few friends do but not my family. Some of the stuff I write/vent about my family I don't want them to read as not to hurt anyone's feelings!

How do you write posts? I pretty much write about what happened that day or funny stuff the kids might have done. Our vacations and outings and just day to day stuff. Pretty boring really but if any of my out of state friends wanted to know what I've been up to they can catch up here.

Have you ever had a troll or had someone leave unkind comments? As a matter of fact, I have! Just fly by losers with nothing better to do than be an idiot! That's why I moderate my comments so I can read them first!

Do you check your stats? Stats? I have no idea how to check stats, LOL!

Do you care how many people read your blog? Nope.

If you do care, how do you increase traffic? N/A

What kind of blogs/posts interest you? I like to read my friends blogs to keep up with their lives. I like recipe blogs, travel blogs and natural living blogs.

What do you like and dislike about blogging? Dislikes: None that I can think of. Likes: It is an outlet for me. A place where I can just get things out no matter what they are. And keeping in touch =)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

15 Years Ago Today...

Eddie and I were married! Holy cow! We've been together for 20 yrs and married for 15! We have a wonderful life and 3 handsome boys to show for it =) Today wasn't too exciting, just like any other day but tomorrow should be a blast! We decided that we would go out to celebrate Friday night instead so he wouldn't have to get up for work the next day.
I gave him his gift tonight though...a nice card with a $50 gift card to Game Stop. He said he'll give me my gift tomorrow night!
Happy Anniversary baby!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shopping and Dinner with a Friend =)

Tonight my friend Dana and I went to the mall. Dana is Marlen's girlfriend, the friend/neighbor that watches my kids when we go out. We were on a quest to find an outfit to match some really cool shoes Eddie had bought for me a few weeks ago. Tomorrow is our 15th Wedding Anniversary! And on Friday we are going out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and out after for drinks.

So we started out at Lane Bryant since I know there will always be something to fit me in there, LOL! It was funny bringing Dana in there because she's as skinny as a rail! Chase (7) even made a comment before we left saying "that's funny, a skinny girl and a fat girl going to the mall" and then laughed. I was like "that's not funny". But for some reason he thought it was!

So anyway, I was hoping to find a whole outfit in there but only found some pants. I didn't like any of the shirts they had. So we decide to go to Dillard's which is exactly why Dana came with me. At LB it's like everything is right there to be seen and so easy to find, but at Dillard's you actually have to dig to find what you want and to find your size and I just suck at that! So we looked everywhere and couldn't find anything until I see this really cool, sexy shirt and pick it up and say "Hey, can you picture me in this?" And Dana and the 2 sales ladies were like OMG yes, that's the perfect shirt! WHAT? I was so kidding! But they convinced me to try it on. And it turns out it wasn't so bad. It fit, looked great (so they say) and was just the right color. I just wasn't sure about it because it's kinda like a halter top. It's a silky material, chocolate brown and criss crosses in the front to where there's a keyhole opening and cleavage shows then comes up around the neck where it attaches to a leather and gold chained choker thing that ties behind the neck! Yes, it does sound kinda sleazy like maybe I got it at the whore store, LOL! But it's really classy I promise. So totally not me but they convinced me to buy it! The only thing I hate, and it's not the top, it's more of an insecurity of mine...but I HATE my shoulders and upper arms! And this top shows just that! I guess I just need to get over that!

Okay, so after we're done it's 9 o'clock and the mall is closing so we walk out and I can't find my keys! Yikes, I was freaking out! So I dump my whole humongo purse out on the walkway and I find them, thank god! I felt like such an idiot! We walk to the car and Dana decides we should have a drink plus she needed to get food to bring home for Marlen. So we go across the street to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro, YUMMY! We sat at the bar and each ordered a drink and an appetizer. I had the Peach Bellini, my fave and we shared the appetizer's...I can't even rememeber what they were but they were very good. Then we ordered some cheesecake to go ;)

We got home around 11!

I do have to say that I had a blast with Dana. We are still getting to know each other but she is so fuuny and fun to be with! All of my other friends and I have drifted apart over the years and just don't have much in common. And 3 of my best friends all live in different states. So having a girlfriend that is fun to be with and talk to was really new for me. It was funny because Marlen had joked with her about how she was going to the mall with someone who was over 10 yrs. younger than her. She told me that while we checking out in front of the 2 sales ladies who were listening. I knew Dana was 43, but I guess Marlen didn't know how old I was! So I asked Dana and the sales ladies just how old did they think I was? They all answered late 20's early 30's! So when I told them I would be 37 in July they were all shocked! And Dana went straight to the phone to call Marlen to tell him I was only 7 yrs. younger! We were all laughing and the sales ladies were wondering why Dana didn't know how old I was because they said it looked like we had been best friends forever. She is definitely someone I can see as a good friend =)