Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shopping 4 New Clothes

I remember the days when going shopping was so much fun! Now I dread it. We all need new clothes, really bad! Shopping for myself is a nightmare in itself...but for 3 boys! Brenden is the worst. He's almost 12 and kinda in between sizes. He's very hard to shop for. He's not skinny but he's not fat but yet he does not wear a size 12 or even a 14 but not a 16 either! Does that make sense? He's like a size that doesn't exist! So that's going to be the worst.
Then there's Chase (7). He is skinny and not as tall as most kids his age. But at least he has a size! He wears a 5/6 so he's pretty easy. Well, except for the fact that all of his clothes have to be a soft cotton and he won't wear shorts b/c of the eczema on his legs. So we have to find soft jeans or pants which I'm pretty sure they carry all year long even though it's Summer and like a hundred freaking degrees here!
And then Logan. He's 2 and wears a 3T. He should the easiest. Just some shorts and some T-shirts and really no need to try anything on, thank goodness.
Now where to go? Well, Walmart would be the easiest place BUT I've bought clothes from there before and I just don't like them. Not only is the cotton of really bad quality, but they do not hold up at all. It's like after the first wash they look like they've been washed 100 times! And Target is the same way, although not as bad. I have gotten Logan a few cute outfits from there. So, my places of choice are Old Navy, Gap and Children's Place. Maybe Gymboree, we'll see. Old Navy & Gap clothes have held up so well for my boys. I love them. And let's face it, they have really cute stuff that is great for your basic everyday wear. And Old Navy has really good prices! Children's place is good too. And they always have cute, very well priced stuff on the clearance rack.
So this is what I will be doing over the next few days starting Friday. Why Friday? Because the little girl that I watch will not be coming back until next Thursday so I will only have my 3 boys and no extras to tote around. It's going to be hard enough with just them!
And of course I forgot to mention me...I need clothes too and I'm probably the worst to shop for, LOL! Nothing like trying on clothes with 3 kids in the dressing room with ya! I'd leave them home with Eddie but he's been very busy with work they have inventory this weekend. Maybe I can hold off on me and go by myself one night next week?
Wish me luck!