Thursday, September 13, 2007

In love with Rock of Love!

I really hate and try to stay away from the reality tv shows! But one late night I couldn't sleep so I was flipping through the channels and ended up on VH1. There was this show called "Rock of Love" with Bret Micheal's from Poison and I used to love them ya know, like 20 yrs. ago. SO I start to watch and it's actually pretty good. I guess it started out with 20 something chics all living in the house together trying to win Bret over. By the time I started watching it it was already down to 10, I think. And I just loved Sam (she was let go last week because she was too emotional) and Jess (who I think might win, she's a cutie and has class unlike the other 2 left).
So far the last show is my fave when they go to Vegas. So here are 2 clips from that show.