Thursday, March 20, 2008

DHL Sucks!

What a better way to get the word out then the Internet! This morning I was waiting for a package. More specifically, my new Pantech Duo Phone from AT&T. I knew they had sent it DHL and it was out for delivery and they usually come around 10:30. The van pulls in my driveway and I walk to the front door so I can have the packaged handed to me instead of set by the door but when I get to the door I hear a loud thud and see my package roll to the side of the porch almost into the flower bed and then the beeping sound of the vans reverse alarm. (So that crazy bitch pulled in my driveway, THREW my package about 12 feet and HIT my DOOR! Didn't even bother to get out of the van!) I open the door and the girl is already backing down the street so I step out and say "Did you just throw that at my door?" Her window was up but she knew what I was saying. She rolled her window down and I repeated myself to her. Her reply was a guilty no. I said, "well I saw you" and her rude reply to me was "SO". I was shocked! I said , "I can't believe you threw that at my door! I will be calling your company". And her reply...she says, "I don't care, do it"!
OKAY! So, I did. The customer service rep was surprised too. He was very nice and took my complaint. He had me open the package to make sure all was okay, which on the outside it was but I told him I needed to charge the phone first to make sure it worked. He said someone would contact me later about this and to make sure the phone was okay. Oh, and he's sending me a $20 voucher for shipping, pffft! I was nice and just said thank you, but really, c' ya really think I'm going to choose to ship with your company after what just happened? I don't think so.
DHL has always been a problem on our street, mainly with excessive speeding. (We live on a street that is a dead end, not much longer than a football field and the width of an alley way! Speeding on our street is just ridiculous!) I've never had any problems with Fed ex or UPS doing this.
Anyway, the phone works and surprisingly enough I got a call a little bit ago from the area manager asking about what happened. He was shocked too and of course apologized, blah, blah, blah. Says he will forward this to the drivers manager. I really think that rude bitch should be fired!
So the next time you go to ship something think twice before using DHL!

And BTW...I Love my new phone! It's pretty cool and will be much easier to text on. Well, that is when I learn how to use the darn thing, LOL! Off to read the instruction manual cuz dang these new phones are really complicated!


Anonymous said...

DHL caught!

Kristi said...

Thank you Anonymous for sending this link to me! Guess that's just DHL's protocol...make sure you're at least 12 feet from the door before ya throw it, LOL!