Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting behind again! Dad's 65th Birthday!

My parents came into town from New jersey on Sept. 20. The 24th was my Dad's 65th birthday so I planned a surprise b-day party for him that Friday the 26th. That was a busy day! I knew my sister or brother wouldn't have time to help so I ordered everything, double checked everything, picked up everything and decorated. I thought I had it all good to go, but on my second stop to pick up the cake and sandwich tray at Ralph's market she goes and get the cake but can't seem to find the party tray. She kept walking around like an idiot until I finally said to her "your not about to tell me you can't find the sandwich tray are you?" She replies "yep, that's exactly what I'm about to tell you". I was pissed. I had hot food waiting in the truck, and my 2 older kids. I told her I had to have that tray, there's just no way I can get by without it. So she asked if I could wait while she made it. She rushed and got everything and made 100 finger sandwiches in about 20 minutes. I was still pissed though. So then I make it to the house where we had the party about 30 minutes later then planned. I had it at my parents neighbors house. I still had to set up, decorate and get dressed! Thank goodness the neighbor's girlfriend was there. She helped me out a lot. Everyone got there early and at 7:10 my Mom & sister and her kids brought my Dad over (he thought he was coming over for drinks) We were all waiting and yelled out surprise and then sang Happy Birthday to him and let him blow out his candles. He was very surprised and we had a great party with lots of yummy food!
About 40 minutes after the party got started my second surprise walked in. I had invited our old neighbors and great friends from when we lived in New Orleans. They live in Pass Christian, MS now so they had a 2 hour drive. So they walk in to the party and come toward me and we hug and my Mom is sitting at the bar in the kitchen with the funniest look on her face! Seriously, I wish I had my camera on to capture it. She hadn't seen them in so long and she was trying to figure out who they were from a distance. So I turn them around and she finally realizes who they are and she and my Dad were very surprised =) They ended up staying after the party and going back to my parents house til after midnight.
And of course my sister and brother both left early and left me to pick up and clean everything! Figures! Here are some pics below...
Dad with his grandkids...not a great pic but what can I say? It's hard to get them to all smile!