Monday, January 19, 2009

Rock & Rye Whiskey

Have you heard of this before? Well, most people haven't. It's a rye whiskey mixed with rock candy and fruit. It's a little sweet and a little thicker than regular whiskey. I would call it very smooth. Anyway, back in the old days this was prescribed as a cough suppressant. When my Dad was a little boy and his Dad was in the Navy he was told to drink this and when I was younger my Grandma would give it to me. We're all sick here with this sore throat, cough, sniffle thing and I remembered the Rock & Rye. So I went online to see if it was even still made and it is! But before ordering some I figured I'd call around town first. The first place I called had no idea what I was talking about, but the second place knew exactly what I was talking about! And they had it in stock. So this afternoon I drove all the way across town to Marcello's Liquor store off Perkins. The guy I had spoken to on the phone with was right there and took me right to it. They only had 2 bottles left b/c he said a few other customers had come in looking for it for the very same purpose I was. It is made by LeRoux and was only $10.99. And I have to say that the whole staff at this liquor store was so nice, very friendly. While there I also looked for a Guatamalan Rum my Dad was wanting and they had that as well. They had just about every kind of liquor you could possibly imagine. On the way out one of the girls asked me how I had heard about the Rock & Rye cough remedy...she said they had so many people talking about it that she wondered if we had seen it on TV or something. Nope, just an old time remedy. But if you have a cough and a sore throat this stuff really does work. And it tastes good too!
Ok, off to take a shot and then get some sleep so I can get better.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi! It must be a southern thing because I rememeber one winter having a really bad cough and my mom gave me some of this. Slept like a baby! Mom keeps a bottle of this on hand...for medicinal purposes!

Anonymous said...

Hot Toddy for a Cold and/or a good nights rest:

Use a couple of Tablespoons of Rock and Rye, either in a cup of hot herbal tea -- "Tension Tamer" is good (crazy looking box with dragons on it), or just use hot water. Sweeten with honey. ***Diabetics should probably leave off the honey and sweeten with Splenda.

This is great for a sore throat and cold, but also great for adults who have a hard time relaxing and going to sleep.

Rock and Rye is definitely a Southern thing -- even among the elderly seniors at the Southern Baptist Church. Maybe a family member, friend, or neighbor who is not afraid of being seen going in or out of the liquor store will pick it up for someone who can't go for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Rock & Rye doesn;t even have rock candy in it anymore, it had a chunk of lemon. Totally changes the flavor from what it used to be. Sad really.