Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome 2009!

My first entry for 2009 =)
My hubby tried to fix my computer but the virus just kept renaming itself. It was a Virtumonde virus where it send you to the websites it wants to and keeps popping up their antivirus software for you to buy etc. Anyway, he wiped my computer clean and reinstalled everything. So now I'm good to go! And I wish I could tell you where I got the virus from but I can't remember the exact site. All I did was type in "Myspace happy new year comments" into the google toolbar. It brought up a list of sites and when I clicked on one of them my computer started getting all these popups! I now have AVG installed. I think we got it from and it's a free program. It scans e-mail and websites.

So like that wasn't enough, new year's eve my camera's XD memory card decides to mess up! Everytime I would turn my camera on it would say turn off or format. That was the only 2 choices! And if I hit the format button it would say that all info was about to be erased! Thank goodness I had almost all my pics uploaded. So it was just the ones we had taken that night and my Christmas morning video. So Eddie went online and found a site that would allow me to recover the pics off the card before we reformat it. We did get the new year pics and 2 other video's but it won't give me my Christmas morning video, which really sucks!

Ok, so besides my electronics problems...we've had a good start to the new year. New year's day we went to my parents house in the afternoon to eat our black-eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread. It's a southern tradition! More info here...
My Dad cooks the cabbage and black-eyed peas (or Hoppin' John as they call it) and I make the cornbread. He does a really good job, it all tastes really good. So we ate that and had some summer sausage on the side. The kids wanted some more so I was cutting it with one of my Dad's super sharp knives and was trying to be careful b/c I know how sharp his knives were and of course I cut right into my thumb! Ick! It's a bad slice but didn't hurt, thank goodness!

This weekend it was kinda rainy and nasty so we didn't do much. Just ran a few errands and went to different stores checking out their after Christmas sales. We always find cool stuff at Radio Shack. We found a V-tech kidzoom digital camera and a V-tech CARS learning laptop for good prices so we went ahead and got those for Logan's birthday. It's coming up in February so now we won't have to be wondering what to get him!

Oh, and I was going to post some New Year resolutions, but ya know what? I never stick to them. So I'm thinking maybe I just won't make any this year and then there won't be any disappointment, LOL!