Saturday, January 19, 2008

Logan Funnies!

Logan (almost 3) is my little crazy clown boy =) He's so funny and such a goofball!
Funny #1-
Okay, so Saturday we went to a Birthday party and he got a treat sack. We're riding home and he was digging through it and pulls out a small container of Playdoh. He starts begging me to open it so I do and hand it back to him. A few seconds later I hear him say "EW, THIS IS GROSS" and he's making spitting sounds! I look back and there are teethmarks in the Playdoh! He tried to EAT it, LOL!! We all just laughed so hard.
So now you're probably wondering WHY my child tried to EAT it and didn't know he was supposed to PLAY with it, right? Well, I did the playdoh thing with Brenden & Chase and I HATE the mess that it makes! It gets everywhere then dries up and ick I just don't like it. So I've just never let Logan play with it. Maybe this Spring I'll let he & Kaiden play with some OUTSIDE on their picnic table!

Funny #2-
Last night I was looking online at for his birthday supplies. We were looking at Thomas the Train party stuff and I was showing him what we were getting. Then all of the sudden he says what I hear as "f*ckinknife". So I'm like WHAT? He says "I want f*ckinknife"! I didn't know what to say or do, so I say watch your mouth we don't say bad words like that. And he's like "NO Mommy, I WANT f*ckinknife for my birfay (birthday)! And points to the computer screen where yep, there it is... a PICTURE of a FORK AND KNIFE!!!!! Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard!

Here's a picture of him at another birthday party we went to on Jan. 6, playing in the jumpy ball pit thing-


Bec & Tim said...

Oh, that silly little Logan! :) My lil one would eat the playdough too. And the f*ckinknife was GREAT! And can you just believe I typed that with the U placed just after the * and sat here thinking, what is wrong with that? Yep, 2:34am and up studying for a Chem test. Perhaps I need to hit the sack for my 6am wake up. Thanks for the chuckle before bed. Now I'll go get *ahem* in bed! Night!!