Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So Tired

Oh, I am so tired! Yesterday I made cookies, got fireworks and went to the store to get ready for our New Year's party at my parents house. We got over there around 7, a little early but Eddie had to set up his propane and burner to reheat the humongo pot of chicken and sausage gumbo he made. While he did that my mom and I set out the other food and I cooked some rice for the gumbo. She had tons of dips and chips and crackers along with some boiled shrimp. I also made a cheese tray, sugar cookies and brought some meatballs and BBQ sauce in the crock pot. A little after 8 the adopted Grandparents Kathy and Sonny came over. Kathy made her awesome punch and some dips. We ate the gumbo and shrimp around 8:30 then snacked on all the other goodies and then everyone started drinking! Well, I think Eddie had already started while cooking the gumbo! I, being the designated driver (and I really don't drink that much anyway) drank the punch and spiked it with just a tad of crown royal. The rest of the night I just drank the punch.
It was actually pretty cold last night so everyone stayed inside most of the time talking and eating while me, Eddie, my brother and his fiance stayed outside watching the kids pop their fireworks. A little after 10 Eddie's parents came over...wasn't expecting that. Each year we invite them and they never show.
At midnight another neighbor came by to watch us do our fireworks show. This is the guy that came by last year and Logan, my child who doesn't go to anyone went to this guy. So when he walked up again this year, and Logan hasn't seen him all year, what do ya know Logan went right to him again! It's too weird! Anyway, Eddie had bought some big fireworks so we set those off at midnight and they were pretty cool. Along with the other fireworks across the lake, it was a good show. Then the kids started popping the rest of their little fireworks when a truck came by, it was Eddie's brother, his wife, her sister & boyfriend and another guy. They came in to visit for a bit and the other 3 were drunk in the back of her suburban! They and Eddie's parents left shortly after. So the kids stayed out popping fireworks while we cleaned up and ate some more! We didn't leave until 2:30. Got home safely and into bed by 3.
Eddie was SO wasted! I knew that today he would be out and was right. He was hurting all day and stayed in bed while I cleaned and made cupcakes to take to my parents house at 4. We went over there to eat our traditional black eyed peas and cabbage (although I forgot to make the corn bread, darn it) And yes, for my Northern friends this is a Southern tradition...to eat black eyes peas, cabbage and cornbread is supposed to bring good luck, health and wealth in the New Year =) Not sure if it works, but it sure is good!
When we got home at 7 Eddie was up and feeling better so I cooked him some black eyed peas with rice and cornbread (didn't feel like make the cabbage). As soon as I was done with that I told them dinner was ready and me and Logan went to bed at 8. Unfortunately, he thought it was a nap and woke up, ugh. Hopefully we'll get back to bed in just a bit!
I have lots of pics to share but am trying to make it easier by doing a slide show. So I'll work on that tomorrow and post about our Christmas soon too!
We hope you all had a very Happy New Year! I hope this year brings all the best for y'all.