Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yeah, just a tad bit late on this one. Is there a certain date we're supposed to have these in by? LOL!
Okay, so Becky you had asked if I had any resolutions for the New Year. Yes, I do.
Here they are...
#1 Stop procrastinating! So far so good on this one. Well, except for posting these a little late! I have already bought and addressed my Valentine's Day cards so they are ready to send a week before. I have ordered all of Logan's birthday supplies and have everything planned 1 month ahead, Yea!

#2 Quit smoking! Not so good on this one. But I have cut back a good bit.

#3 Clean and organize house AND keep it that way ALL year long! Working on this and doing pretty good.

#4 Lose weight! Not doing so great on this one either. But I am going to get on it and work real hard to be 40 lbs. lighter by the end of the year.

And that's about it. I think. Oh yeah, and #5...Remember things better! Since having the kids I feel like I am losing my mind and can never remember anything!