Saturday, February 16, 2008


I can't believe my baby is 3! Oh my goodness how time fly's. Today started out a little gloomy but cleared up by noon and turned into a GREAT day! Clear sky, sunny with a high of about 70, it was perfect. But he was a little under the weather, unfortunately. He still had a low fever and a runny nose, poor thing. But his party went well. The cake was so cute. I had a friend of a friend make it for me. She made a large round cake with train tracks and got a train 3d mold and put it on top and decorated it to look like Thomas. Then there were 20 cupcakes that went around the cake. He got lots of toys and some clothes, undies (since were potty training) PJ's and a Thomas swim shirt and trunk set. When he was done opening his presents we took him outside to see his gift from us. He was so happy to see his Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane! Got right in and took off riding for the next 2 hours!
Besides not feeling the best he had a great party =)
I will post the pics tomorrow evening.
I am SO tired and worn out!


Bec & Tim said...

Welcome Back, Kristi!

Happy Birthday Logan! I can't believe it, three already!

Congratulations on the hallways repaint/re-flooring. Looks like we're not the only ones doing a remodel.

And how awesome to spend V-day together. We didn't do anything. Tim worked, I stayed with the kids, just another day. Oh well. It was our 16th V day together. Congrats on the 20th!