Thursday, February 14, 2008


Tonight Eddie and I got to go out for a nice dinner. I don't think we've been out for Valentine's in probably 12 years, since Brenden was born in 1995! Being I have found a sitter I can trust finally I called her 2 weeks ago and made the arrangements and Eddie called our favorite steak restaurant (Fleming's) but they were already booked! So we went to the second best steak place in town, Sullivan's. And we were lucky to get reservations there! Eddie heard on the radio today that every restaurant in town was booked. My goodness, I had no idea it was that crazy! I'm glad I stayed home all those years and cooked!

Anyway, last night Eddie and I left the kids with our neighbor friends and went to the mall. He bought me a new dress, necklace and shoes. And this evening before we left for dinner he gave me my gift...2 Mercedes purses, one was a small black evening purse and the other was a big brown seatbelt purse. It pretty neat, it's made out of car seatbelts only, the whole thing! For his gift I gave him (well, gonna give, it comes in tomorrow) a LED strip light thingy that goes on the back of the truck below the tailgate, above the bumper. Kinda like a 4th brakelight. I don't know, but they are in and cool and he wanted one!

So tonight, I went and picked up the sitter at 5, Eddie and I left at 6 and our reservation was for 6:30. We got there right on time and were seated right away. The first thing Eddie said was "I hope they dont have us packed in somewhere" and what do ya know, we were packed right in the middle! The place was crazy busy! The food and service were just okay but overall we had a nice time together just the 2 of us.

Can you believe this was our 20th Valentine's Day together??? Holy cow!

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day =)