Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shopping and Dinner with a Friend =)

Tonight my friend Dana and I went to the mall. Dana is Marlen's girlfriend, the friend/neighbor that watches my kids when we go out. We were on a quest to find an outfit to match some really cool shoes Eddie had bought for me a few weeks ago. Tomorrow is our 15th Wedding Anniversary! And on Friday we are going out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and out after for drinks.

So we started out at Lane Bryant since I know there will always be something to fit me in there, LOL! It was funny bringing Dana in there because she's as skinny as a rail! Chase (7) even made a comment before we left saying "that's funny, a skinny girl and a fat girl going to the mall" and then laughed. I was like "that's not funny". But for some reason he thought it was!

So anyway, I was hoping to find a whole outfit in there but only found some pants. I didn't like any of the shirts they had. So we decide to go to Dillard's which is exactly why Dana came with me. At LB it's like everything is right there to be seen and so easy to find, but at Dillard's you actually have to dig to find what you want and to find your size and I just suck at that! So we looked everywhere and couldn't find anything until I see this really cool, sexy shirt and pick it up and say "Hey, can you picture me in this?" And Dana and the 2 sales ladies were like OMG yes, that's the perfect shirt! WHAT? I was so kidding! But they convinced me to try it on. And it turns out it wasn't so bad. It fit, looked great (so they say) and was just the right color. I just wasn't sure about it because it's kinda like a halter top. It's a silky material, chocolate brown and criss crosses in the front to where there's a keyhole opening and cleavage shows then comes up around the neck where it attaches to a leather and gold chained choker thing that ties behind the neck! Yes, it does sound kinda sleazy like maybe I got it at the whore store, LOL! But it's really classy I promise. So totally not me but they convinced me to buy it! The only thing I hate, and it's not the top, it's more of an insecurity of mine...but I HATE my shoulders and upper arms! And this top shows just that! I guess I just need to get over that!

Okay, so after we're done it's 9 o'clock and the mall is closing so we walk out and I can't find my keys! Yikes, I was freaking out! So I dump my whole humongo purse out on the walkway and I find them, thank god! I felt like such an idiot! We walk to the car and Dana decides we should have a drink plus she needed to get food to bring home for Marlen. So we go across the street to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro, YUMMY! We sat at the bar and each ordered a drink and an appetizer. I had the Peach Bellini, my fave and we shared the appetizer's...I can't even rememeber what they were but they were very good. Then we ordered some cheesecake to go ;)

We got home around 11!

I do have to say that I had a blast with Dana. We are still getting to know each other but she is so fuuny and fun to be with! All of my other friends and I have drifted apart over the years and just don't have much in common. And 3 of my best friends all live in different states. So having a girlfriend that is fun to be with and talk to was really new for me. It was funny because Marlen had joked with her about how she was going to the mall with someone who was over 10 yrs. younger than her. She told me that while we checking out in front of the 2 sales ladies who were listening. I knew Dana was 43, but I guess Marlen didn't know how old I was! So I asked Dana and the sales ladies just how old did they think I was? They all answered late 20's early 30's! So when I told them I would be 37 in July they were all shocked! And Dana went straight to the phone to call Marlen to tell him I was only 7 yrs. younger! We were all laughing and the sales ladies were wondering why Dana didn't know how old I was because they said it looked like we had been best friends forever. She is definitely someone I can see as a good friend =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi! I can so relate to the weight thing. My brother's girlfriend is so skinny...I refer to her as my "before kids" look. I was her size before I got married and had kids and now..well now...i look like i've had 3 kids! but you know what? you are still a beautiful woman!!!!!!