Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delta Airlines Field Trip!

Okay, so on the way home from the zoo we have to pass by the airport. Logan loves airplanes so we always stop on side the road to see if any planes are coming or going even though it says not to! So we waited for a few minutes and no planes came in or out. So we went a little ways down the road and turned into a parking lot of a business to sit and watch. While we were waiting I saw this man sitting outside smoking a pipe and decided to get out and ask him where the best place to see the planes would be and tell him how my sons love planes, etc. So he tells me the best place to see a plane up close would be right inside in the hangar! I was like COOL! He told me to hang on for a sec while he went inside to make sure it was okay for us to come in. He came back out and told me to bring the kids in! Come to find out we were at the Delta Airlines Maintenance Facility, where they bring the planes in to do the checks and stuff. We signed in and he gave us a tour. First he showed us the jets that go on the plane and gave us a little education on them. Like the fact that they each weigh about as much as a car and only cost 8.1 MILLION dollars! Then he took us out in the hangar where they had a small jet in for maintenance. The kids got to touch it as the man explained about the wings and how they work, it was very interesting! As we walked around the plane the door was open and the steps down so we climbed on board. Logan had a blast running up and down the isles. Then he and Kaiden sat in the seats and locked themselves into their seatbelts. The cockpit was so tiny! The boys had fun getting themselves into the Pilot seat and pretending like they were flying and checking out the instrument panel (which was very large and confusing I must say!)

When we were done we walked through another door and into an office where a gentleman had 5 delta cups filled with peanuts & crackers like they give to the passengers. The kids thought that was pretty cool too!

I'm just so glad we stopped there because it turned out to be a really neat experience.