Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Anniversary Night Out

We went to Fleming's Steak House. It was okay, not as good as it was last time we went. Last time the steak just melted in your mouth but this time they overcooked it for sure. For dessert we had the Creme Brule' with Strawberries and Blueberries and some yummy whipped cream, that was pretty good. After we weren't sure where we wanted to go. Unfortunately, it was raining and the places we wanted to go required parking in a parking garage and walking a good bit! There was no way I was walking in the rain especially in the shoes I was in! And the outside patio bars were soaked and closed and that's where we like to be. We tried to go to another place but it was way to busy so we ended up going to the little daiquiri bar we always go to.
So it was an okay night. Just wish it wouldn't have rained.