Thursday, November 6, 2008

When it rains, it pours...literally.

Well, it rained today. And it's raining in my house. I've called the roofer so many times and left messages to no avail. Still waiting for him to call me back.
Then Tuesday night, I was outside and noticed water gushing down my driveway. I head up the driveway and notice it pouring out of a pipe on side my house. I know sometimes if the AC pan overflows it will leak out but this was steaming, scolding hot water! So I run back in the house and go up in the attic. The pipe that comes off the water heater is burning hot. The water heater thermostat trip button won't trip so it's overheating and instead of exploding it has a safety valve that releases the hot water. Great, just great. I'm trying to save up for my roof and now this. So now, about every few hours it releases the very hot water into my driveway. I'm sure that can't be good for my electric bill or water bill. Today when a neighbor drove by and asked why I had steaming water coming out the side of my house, I was kind of embarrased! So I went in the attic and pulled the breaker plug. I also got the model numbers off the water heater and gave them to my husband. He went to Sears service center at lunch and thinks he got the right part. I guess we'll see tonight when he comes home and tries to fix it.