Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still need a roof =( Anyone want to donate?

I'm still dealing with the roof issue. A friend of mine down the street has a friend who owns his own roofing company. He gave me his estimate for labor only. It's $2,400. Not bad. But I have to get my own materials. So I've been getting estimates. I found 2 places that were really nice, the others either only sell to contractor's or were no help at all. So the 2 that did give me quotes came out only a few dollars difference. One is $3610.37 with free delivery and the other is $3615.62 with a $25 delivery charge. I'm going to go with the first one with free delivery. So $3610.37 + $2400= $6010.37 and my insurance check was for $4781.77. So I'm $1,228.60 short! Under normal circumstances we'd be able to come up with that money from my husband's work check, buuuut....being he lost over $3000.00 on his last check due to the hurricane we're pretty strapped. And then with Christmas coming up, well, it's just not good. Other family members can do without, but we've got 3 boys to buy for. This just sucks.

Being we are going to have to wait to get our roof I keep calling the roofer to at least come out and put the tarps on to hold us over. He keeps saying he's going to come but never does! All of our tarps have ripped and blown off. Thank goodness it has not rained here in a long time. But, our forecast says we have rain coming this Thursday and Friday! Yikes! If it's not covered before then it's going to get pretty wet in the attic and ruin my ceilings more. My roof looks like a strainer, LOL! Ok, well that's not really funny.
Going to go call the roofer guy again and try to get him out here!