Friday, October 5, 2007

Allergy Shots

Well, after Chase throwing fits and saying he hates me for the past 2 weeks it turns out the allergy shots weren't so bad afterall! When we got there this morning they called back his favorite nurse. She promised that she would get her allergy shots first so he could see that they did not hurt. So she got hers and he watched cautiously. Then it was his turn...he sat on my lap and was fussing a little bit but not screaming thank goodness. I warned them about the alcohol wipe this time, so we tried it on one arm and he said it hurt really bad so on the second arm they used iodine instead and that was much better. So he got the first shot in the back of the right arm and didn't even really feel it because the alcohol was still burning! And then the left arm he did much better with the iodine. We were so proud of him for doing so good. I'm thinking next week he'll probably be a pro already.
After that we had to sit for 20 minutes with a timer to make sure there was no immediate reaction. We had his epi-pen ready to go just in case! But he did really good. As a matter of fact he didn't even have any swelling at the injections site.
So, so far so good. I just really hope these shots help!