Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe Halloween has come and gone! It's just scary how time goes by so fast because we all know that once Halloween passes Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away then Christmas comes before we know it! But more about that next.

Halloween was good, we had a busy evening planned which we usually never do. First we went to the kids "adopted" Grandparents house. (I'm gonna give an explanation about this in my next entry.) We ate some yummy spaghetti and they got some good treats! Then we went back home for our Halloween street party. We get together with all of our neighbor friends and have some finger foods and cupcakes and the kids trick or treat up and down our tiny street. We didn't even bother to go off our street into the neighborhood this year because when I was driving in there was only like 4 porch lights on. We usually all walk together, but it just wasn't even worth it this year. After that, I took Chase & Logan with me to another neighborhood where Chase's Kindergarten teacher from last year lives. We had told her we'd come by to show her the kids costumes and she wanted us to see her and her dog's matching costumes. This neighborhood was BOOMING! Every porch light was on, all the house's were decorated and kid's were everywhere! They even had a Halloween parade that we missed. So we get there and she and her dog were dressed up as Tinkerbell, they were so cute! She had lots of candy and she gave both of them a stuffed Halloween bear, she's such a sweet lady.

So that was our night. Pretty busy for us since we usually just stay on our street. But the kids had fun and got lots of candy that they didn't need, LOL!

I have posted some pics...but I still need to learn how to put them down here instead of up there! Anyway, as you can see...Logan is Pablo from the Backyardigans. Chase is the black Spider Man and Brenden is a Camo monster dude! I also included a pic of Chase, Logan and Ms. Debbie with her dog Suzie Q and a pic of Logan with Nana Kathy. I can only fit so many here so I'll post more in the next entry.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and I would love to see pics of your little monsters and princess's. These will probably be my last digital pics for a while, I'll explain that in another entry as well!