Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy & Cleaning & Cold

It is supposed to rain all day today so I guess I should clean or something? Honestly, this house has not had a good cleaning since I can't remember when! Maybe February, before Logan's Birthday party! Well, probably May around the time the kids got out of school. This Summer was just too darn hot and busy and with the kids home all the time all they do is mess up what I clean up and I end up working a million times harder. But now with homeschooling it's just as bad because they are here 24/7 so again it's the same thing! AHHHH!
Okay, I am going to clean and will finish this later.
Alrighty! So it did rain all day and I did clean. Of course they messed it right back up again! It's not so much Bren & Chase, it's wild man Logan. I had all of his toys that he likes to play with neatly placed on the coffee table. But he found a way to mess them all up and knock most of them on the floor! I am tired of picking up toys off of the floor so I left them there. I did get one thing accomplished...I cleaned out Logan's toy box in the den. Since summer everything has just kind of accumulated in this one corner of the den and had become a mound! So I went through everything and either put it in it's place or threw it away. It does look much better over there now. It was time to do it anyway because with Christmas on it's way (and we all know it will be here sooner than we think!) I needed to get that cleared out to make way for the tree and decorations and presents, all the fun stuff!
Now that the rain is ending I feel the cold front coming through and I don't think I like it. I guess I really do like Summer better. Well, not the 106 temps we had there for a while but 90 really isn't that bad. The weather we were having right before this wasn't bad either, mid 80's, nice to be out in and wasn't too hot for Chase. And we could still go swimming. I miss swimming =(