Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cold! Brrrrr...

So the cold front came through last night and now it's cold. Our high today was only 61. And right now at 9:30 it's already 49! It really sucks because we usually swim on Tuesday's. I did call my friend and joke that we were coming swimming today. She was like "uh, ok, it's a little cold. If you would have called earlier we could have turned the water heater on." I laughed and told her I was just kidding, even if the pool had been preheated I still wouldn't have swam today! It was chilly, windy and very overcast. This cold snap is gonna last for another week or so the weather bug says. So I guess we won't be swimming on Friday either. If it's a nice day we'll still go visit with our friends and the kids can just play a game of putt putt golf in their backyard!
As you can tell, I do not like the cold but my kids are loving it. I actually turned the AC off today for the first time in many months. Brenden, my oldest, kept complaining that it was hot. He was actually outside playing in shorts and a short sleeve shirt like it was nothing. Chase also liked it because he didn't sweat so bad and it didn't aggravate his eczema. Instead, it started to aggravate his asthma, just great. Logan thought it was neat too. He was excited to be able to wear his Pablo (Backyardigans) jacket finally!
I'm sure another warm front will come back through since that's the way it works here in Louisiana but at least it won't be deathly hot on Halloween like usual. They make all these Halloween costumes for the Northern states! They are so darn thick that I always have to search for a costume that is thin so my kids won't melt! Of course, this year I found Chase a thin one and what do ya know, it's actually going to be pretty chilly! Figures!