Monday, September 8, 2008

I am alive and just got power back today!

Well, we made it through. I'm okay, besides my hand, my head, (i'll explain later!) I'm tired, and my house is a mess but at least I have a house, there's no trees in it like many other homes have. In my post before this one on Labor Day as Gustav was arriving I had said that I thought it would be cool to be in the eye of a Hurricane...please someone if I ever say anything so stupid like that ever again please come down a smack me! I don't EVER want to go through this again!

Hurricane Gustav was a lot worse than I thought it would be. It was downright scary. The destruction in unbelievable here in Baton Rouge. And someone told me that on TV news channels they were not even mentioning Baton Rouge. Well, let me tell you...New Orleans (their main concentration on TV) is fine compared to Baton Rouge. Besides where the hurricane came ashore we were the 2nd hardest hit. It's bad here.
Today was day 8 of no power for us. I was about to lose my mind if it didn't come on soon. They had told us that the hardest hit subdivisions could be without power for almost a month. We were one of those subdivisions. So we are very lucky that the power crews worked very hard to get us back up. Thank you to them for that. Our power came back on around 2 p.m. today and it's the best news I've had in a while! I am so grateful for electricity now. It's weird because I went to the bathroom earlier in the dark not even realizing that I could have turned the light on, LOL! And my house is cooling now and it just feels sooooo good!
Okay, so I have a lot more to say but I need to e-mail it off my iPhone and copy and paste it to here. Each night when I couldn't sleep I wrote about each day, what it was like, how things were here with no power, etc. So that way I wouldn't forget anything. And I'm glad I did it b/c I wouldn't have remembered. I'm still stuck thinking it's Labor Day and here we are 8 days later and I can't tell you where the time went! Some of what you read might sound crazy, but that's probably because I was going crazy from no sleep and the heat so I'm not going to edit it. I'll leave it intact so that maybe you can read how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. I HAVE to go take a hot bath and shave my legs now so I'll get that up tonight.