Friday, September 12, 2008

The Nightmare That Just Won't End!

Yeah, well, I tried to go back to sleep but that didn't work out so good. I kept hearing noises. Then I heard a big bam. So I go outside to check it out and my garbage can had blown over. I rolled it under the carport and when I turn around I see the security light pole behind our fence start to light up like a fire cracker! It was wierd, b/c the light was off and I'm pretty sure there was no power but there it was sparkling and crackling and smoking and looking like it was on fire. Can I tell ya...I ran faster then I've ever run into my house! I woke up Eddie and as we were watching out the window it exploded! That was really freaky!
Then about 30 minutes later I hear another noise. Eddie heard it to this time so we both got up and went out back. It was our propane bottle, the kids pool fell over and knocked it down. Right as I turned to go back inside a transformer behind our house blew. It's a weird sound and the light was awesome! It's like everything turned almost blue-white for a split second and it wasn't lightening. After that the first half of my street lost power. So the whole neighborhood except for 6 of us had power and I was one of them! We're still going strong.
So after all that I go in and try to get to sleep. But my phone rings at 8 and it's my next door neighbor telling me that she had plugged her extension cord in around 2 a.m. and she hoped I didn't mind. She had someone bringing her a generator and would unplug it soon. Ok, try to go back to sleep yet again and 6 minutes later my phone rings again! This time it's my sister. She had to go to work today and when she brought her little girl to the daycare they didn't have power so she wanted to know if I could watch her. She brought her around 8:30. Chelsea was still sleepy so we layed down together and she fell asleep and just as I was finally falling asleep the phone rings again! It was the insurance adjuster and it was very bad news. My total damage according to them is $9000 something (i can't remember the exact #) Our deductible is $500, BUT after Katrina they added a 5% of homes insured value deductible as well. And that comes out to be $5400 something. So minus that from the $9000 and my total damage check that I will receive is $3700 something! OMG, are they mental? I need a whole new roof, that's anywhere from $5400 to $7000! Plus the electric box in back, my fence, the water spots on my ceilings. The guy apologized and said it wasn't his doing so don't be mad at him. And I'm not mad at him. But I am going to fight this with Allstate. And I'm also going to check with FEMA b/c I had heard something about them paying what insurance won't. Although I'm sure there's an income cap on that too and I'll be left out again.
We're still expecting some more bands to come through. The wind is pretty heavy right now but no rain so the kids are out riding their bikes. They are loving the wind. I'm gonna go out there with them and will update more later.