Thursday, September 18, 2008

MRE'S (Meals Ready to EAT) Pics

Ok, I found my camera cord! I'm gonna post the pics in different posts. But I still need to get the pics off my iPhone. The ones on my phone are all of the damage.
Alright, so here are the MRE pics. This first one is of the meal I ate... I had the Vegetarian Cheese Tortellini. It comes in the brown bag with all this stuff! It had the entree, spiced apples, peanut butter, crackers, an energy bar and some M&M's (the best part of course!) It also comes with a lemonade packet, hot tea packet, seasoning packet, spoon, matches, napkin and those two bags at the top of the picture. The clear one is the hot beverage bag and the green one is folded over but is the heating bag. All you do is add a small amount of water and the packet inside heats up and it gets really hot too! Then you open the brown box and take out a sealed packet that contains the food and put it in the heating bag for 10 minutes. The meal was okay. Kinda taste like canned food. What I had reminded me of canned ravioli! Definitely not bad when you're in need of a hot meal and you don't have any electricity to cook! (or when you're not as prepared as you thought you were when a hurricane hits and the powers out for 8 days!)
The other picture is of some of the other choices that come in the box. They come 12 to a box.