Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fantasy Island

So, we've been swimming like everyday this Summer. We started out with the kid pool in the backyard in late May early June. Then started going to the Country Club in June but the kids hate the chlorine. So we started going to my neighbor's house. They have a salt water pool! It's sooo much better than chlorine and is actually good for you. The water is SO soft and silky. Anyway, this place is beautiful. They are a retired couple in their mid-late 60's and instead of spending all of their money traveling they decided to spend it on transforming their backyard into an everyday Fantasy Island. This way they could enjoy it everyday instead of just on a week long trip! And that they did! Their house backs up to the lake so it makes it even more real. They started with a pond and then a few more ponds and then transformed their traditional square chlorine pool into a saltwater lagoon. Along with the many ponds and plentiful landscaping they also including a mini putt putt golf course! Then this past year they finished up with a new dock that surrounds the entire backyard overlooking Lake Sherwood. There are also ducks that swim up wanting to be fed, but we're not supposed to feed them. Although, Logan thinks it hilarious to do so =)

And they love our dog so we bring Snoopy (our 3 mo. old Beagle) with us every time. He loves to run around in the yard, sneak through the landscaping and pop out to scare you and run along the deck to see the ducks. We've also found out that he is a pro at swimming! He loves the water and swims so fast we can't catch up with him! It's so funny!

Anyway, the kids love it there and the couple is so nice and love to watch the kids enjoy what they've done. They don't have kids or grandkids of their own so they are like surrogate grandparents to my kids, which is good b/c they don't ever get to spend time with their real grandparents. I won't even get started on that!

I'm going to try to upload some pictures now and see how many it will let me do!

Hope you all are having a great Summer!

Enjoy =)


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