Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I HATE THEIVES!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many other fun, exciting things to blog about but first I have to get this out! Last night our new expensive ass Sony 60 Gig hard drive handycam was stolen out of our car! Doesn't that just suck! Now, we don't usually leave something like that in our car...we just got back from the beach and Eddie had forgotten he had stuck it in the glove box. When he got home last night he put it on the passenger seat to bring in. But when he got home I had the car port blocked with the truck since it was raining and I had to get the groceries out so he parked at the front of the driveway. Being it was raining he left it sitting on the seat and was going to go back out and get. Not only did he forget to go back out and get it dum dum also forgot to lock it!!
When he went to leave for work this morning he got in the car and started to back out when the door ajar thingy went off and he realized that the front passenger door was open and then he realized that the video camera was gone!
We called the Sheriff and they came out and made a report and dusted for prints. And I finally found the serial number on the box so now I can turn that in and if they happen to try to pawn it, it will come up as stolen. And another cool thing...my neighbor up the street has a surveillance system with 4 cameras on the outside of her house. I finally got in touch with her this evening and told her what had happened. She said she will call the surveillance company tomorrow and have them go back over the footage from 11 p.m. on the 30th to 7 a.m. on the 31st and see if anything comes up. That would be awesome!
Anyway, it is our bad for leaving it in there and not locking it which really sucks even more! We've never had any problems before but I guess it only takes that one time. Lesson learned the hard way I guess. All I want is my frickin' videos off the camera! Can't get back Chase's graduation and the beach trip ya know. Think maybe they'll be nice enough to make me a copy and put it in my mailbox, LOL! Wishful thinking I know.
So lock up your cars, homes and valuables no matter how safe you think you are cause it only takes that one stupid time!