Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekend Plans

Okay, so my birthday isn't actually until Sunday the 8th but we are starting the party a little early! Tonight we are going to Fernando's Mexican Restaurant. They are not my favorite but the atmosphere is what makes this a cool place. They are an indoor/outdoor restaurant so part of the place is indoor then the bar area is inside but these huge windows open up to the porch area where there are tables too. They also have a Mexican Band that plays on the weekend. Eddie and his friend JJ from work and his girlfriend were already there when the kids & I got there. We sat at a table on the porch. It was hot as hell and I have to wonder why I even bothered to flat iron my hair! By the time we left my hair was a big ole wavy poof ball, ha ha!
So anyway, we had a good time. The kids were pretty good. The music was loud but good. The food was okay. I was just going to drink some Sprite but ended up drinking 2 strawberry margarita's. We saw a few people we knew as well. Jason's girlfriend was really sweet and was really good with the kids.
I think Eddie and JJ must have drank about 10 margarita's! Plus the owner had brought them 2 shots of Tequila each, Yikes! You could say he was pretty messed up! We had a good Friday night =)