Sunday, July 8, 2007

Holy Cow! I'm 36 today!

So today is my 36th birthday! It's really hard to believe. I'm not feeling so good today though! We went out last night and I had a little, okay a LOT too much to drink! (And as most of you know I quit drinking many years ago! Now I remember why!) My sister watched the kids for us and we started at Chimes. Had to be there early though because I wanted a table outside on the porch and I needed 2 tables! Usually it's packed on the weekend, well it's packed there every night but it wasn't too bad last night. We got 1 table right when we got there and then got the 2nd table about 40 min. after that. Shortly after we got there Eddie's brother Frankie and his wife Chantelle got there, then my brother and his fiance Jesse and our friend Hamed. We ate and drank and had a good time. After that we went to Spanky's, our local little bar hangout. It was pretty quiet in there too. This is where I had a lot too much to drink! I only got one drink, it was a malibu rum thingy that Jesse ordered for me. But then I had a few Taxi Cab shots and some Jello shots! It seemed like a good idea...then!

We had to leave early which really sucked. I told my sister we'd pick the kids up by 11, even though we didn't leave til almost 12! She's pregnant and tired and wanted to go to sleep, and I can understand that BUT how many times did I watch her little boy and she'd say she was on her way and then wouldn't show up for 3 more hours! Many, many times. Even when I was pregnant and back is a bitch! So Eddie was driving, of course, we got the kids and they wanted Taco Bell so we stopped off there then went to my brother's apt. We all ate and then talked for a bit then it was time to go home 'cause I wasn't feeling too good at all!

I won't go into what happened after we got home, I'm sure you know! I finally got to sleep around 5 a.m. I think it was and then was up again this morning from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m. puking my guts up! I went back to sleep 'til about 12:30 then had to get up, UGH! I am so tired!

We finally all got ready and made it out to IHOP for breakfast or lunch, LOL, at 3:00 then ran some errands came back home and took a quick nap then went out for Dinner to this place called O'Henry's...they are the home of the FREE B-day steak dinner. How can you pass that up? Then we came back home and had some b-day cake that Eddie had gotten for me =)

Besides the rough start in the morning it was a good birthday.


Becky & Tim said...

I'm so glad you had a great b'day Kristi! Have you recovered now? (smile)

Here's to many more....