Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Potty Training Dogs & Kids!

Okay, so back to where I left off last night. We are working on potty training the puppy. From what I have heard and read most dogs cannot be expected to understand potty training until they are over 3 months of age. Snoopy will be 3 months this Friday. I have been working on it since we got him because I figure why not? He's actually doing pretty good. He does not like to potty in his crate, probably because that's where he eats as well! Sometimes he goes to the door and whines but sometimes he just squats and pees right there on the floor! Same with the poop, but you can tell when he needs to do that because he starts walking around in circles so we rush him out very quickly! Last week was a bad poop week...I had tried this new brand of dog food called "Wellness". Well, this made him have the runs. Not cool! So I got him some puppy chow and he is doing much better now. Hopefully in the next month he'll get the hang of everything.

So, not only am I potty training the puppy but Logan has decided it's time for him to learn as well. I didn't push it. I never have with any of my boys. I let them tell me when THEY were ready. Lately he's been taking his diaper off and going to the potty by himself and then he comes and tells me =) So we bought some pull ups this last time at the store. They have Cars (The movie) on them so he thinks they're pretty cool! Both Bren & Chase were in undies by their 3rd birthday, Logan won't be 3 until February so he's doing pretty good.