Monday, September 15, 2008

I need a new roof!

It rained yesterday and today and all I could hear was drip, drip everywhere. We have tarps on the roof but some spots are just too steep to cover. I can't even get a roofer to come out here to give me an estimate, let alone cover the open spots. I called tons of numbers in the phone book today. I know they are all overwhelmed right now b/c so many people here have roof damage. The first one I called couldn't come out to give me an estimate until October 13! Then the next few I left my name & number with. Another had put a flyer on my door and they are coming out Wednesday afternoon. And then my neighbor stopped by on his way out today and I asked him if he had any roofer friends. He did and called him right there to give him my number. He called me back within seconds and is coming out tomorrow morning at 10:30. I told him that I was getting screwed by the insurance company and he said he knows some loophole's and that he will fight the ins. company for more money. But he was talking about signing contracts and all sorts of stuff that I am not familiar with!
I have no idea how all this works and Eddie will be at work when he comes. So I asked my brother to come help me so I don't do something stupid on a whim. Eddie wants me to get at least 3 estimates and we'll go with the best price.
I did receive my estimate summary and check from Allstate today. I have no idea how to read the estimate. But I must say that from what I can read the adjuster was generous...he added in every little thing plus some. And my check was for $4781.78 not $3700 like he had originally told me. But that still doesn't cover a new roof, the electric meter box that is falling off my house or my fence (that I fixed all by myself today!) or the water spots on my ceiling, sheetrock and paint...all of which I will probably do myself anyway.
I read the FEMA website and they say that if your insurance is insufficient to cover the damages to your house they might be able to help. They say to write a letter explaining the situation along with the estimate summary. I think I am going to do that.
Ok, off to bed. I have to be up & ready to deal with the roof stuff tomorrow. I'll post tomorrow night on how that goes!
Oh, and I still have to post the hurricane pics. I lost my cable to upload my pics in this mess. I know it's around here somewhere!