Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally Finished Decorating!

Well, the outside at least! All I had left to do was to put up the lights around the eve's of the house. So I got the lights and borrowed the neighbors ladder, I put the ladder up to the house, climb up it and then chicken out, LOL! I did get the snowflake lights up around one of the lower eve's but the rest is to high and there's a tall point in one spot that scares me to death. It's like each time I got to the top of the ladder my body started to shake! I could have waited for Eddie to get home but by then it would have been to dark so instead I called my little brother. He came by, climbed right up the ladder like it was nothing, got on the roof and went right to it. Thank you little brother! I'll take some pics this weekend so you all can see =)