Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only 18 days away! I have no idea what our plans are this year. Most years we go to Eddie's parents house but I think they will be out of town this year. Then my parents will actually be in town this year but I really don't care to go there either! I had originally wanted to go back to the beach but the condo we wanted has been reserved and Eddie's Grandpa is in the hospital in Texas so we might need to make a trip out there. I guess we could always do our own Thanksgiving here at the house.

And then of course 32 days after Thanksgiving comes Christmas! My favorite time of the year! Not because of the presents but because I love all of the lights and decorations. Especially on our street! We have the most decorated street in the neighborhood. Almost everyone decorates and it's just so bright and pretty. Our neighbor across the street does it big with tons of lights and yard decorations, he has always won first place. Last year was his first year that he had the lights in sync to music that was broadcast on a radio station. So when you pulled onto our street you would tune your radio to said station and you could hear the music he was playing and watch the lights blink to the music. It was so cool. Once people found out about this we had tons of traffic on our tiny street enjoying the lights and music. There is also another neighbor up the street that tries to compete, it's too funny. He puts a huge 12 ft. tall blow up snowman on his roof along with 12 ft candy canes made from PVC pipe along his walkway. Seriously, turning onto our street is like turning into Candy Land! I will post some pictures (hopefully I'll have a new camera soon!) when the street is fully decorated so that you all can see. I know the neighbor across the street will be starting his decorating this coming weekend. I will have mine done by Thanksgiving weekend. I can't wait!