Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Hair, Going Out and a REAL Babysitter!

(in the picture from Left to right: Eddie, me, Eddie's brother Frankie and my brother Rush...for some reason the pic is distorted and our eyes look funny!)

Well, today (Saturday) I finally got my hair done! It's only been 8 months since my last hi-lite! I was seriously in need, my roots were horrible and my hair was dark, flat and lifeless and that was really making me feel like shit. So now, my hi-lite's are back better than ever and I feel so much better =) My girl even trimmed up the back, waxed my eyebrows and even did my eye shadow for me since we were going out later for Eddie's B-day. I go to my friend Karen, we've been friends for about 9 years and she is a fellow hairstylist. I do not trust anyone else with my hair!

So I head home with my awesome hair only to have my husband be a complete dick. Not sure why, he said something about hating it streaky, which it isn't. After a few washes it kinda calms down and falls into place. All I wanted was a " hey, you look nice" or something. But whatever, I love it and I feel better and that's all that matters.

So after that I had to make a quick trip to the mall to get Eddie's birthday present. I had wanted to get him some Nike Shox tennis shoes but instead got him a wallet and some dress socks and will get the shoes for him for Christmas. Then I made a little detour before leaving and found the cutest shirt to wear out that night!

Then I had to get home to clean up and feed the kids because Eddie and I were going out to celebrate his 37th B-day (which is really Sunday). We actually had a REAL babysitter coming! Her name is Alicia and she will be 15 on the 18th. We met her through her mom who is Chase's nurse at the ENT where he goes for Allergy shots each Friday.

When I say REAL babysitter, I mean that it was someone that was not a family member or close friend. It's not often that I get to go out but when I do it was usually our good friend/neighbor Marlen that would babysit. He's a 49 yr. old (doesn't act or look it!) man with a daughter the same age as Logan, he's really cool and super with my kids and most of all Logan loves him. He listens to him and doesn't even cry when we leave him there. He's truly the best sitter ever! But, he didn't have his daughter this weekend and his roommate is super sick so he couldn't watch the kids. I didn't want to ask my mom or Eddie's parents because they always say no so we just stopped asking! So I was stuck wondering what the hell to do and that's when we thought of Alicia. Her mom had told me that she loved to babysit and would love to do it so I figured why not give it a try?

Her parents brought her over at 7:15 and we started to leave when Logan decides he is coming with us. Well, me! He told everyone that he and I were going to Walmart! So he goes up to Alicia and gives her a hug and tells her bye then goes around the room with hugs and byes for his brothers and Eddie. It was kinda funny but sad at the same time. So I had to explain to him that Daddy and me were going out and that he and brothers would stay with Alicia. He fought me and wasn't letting up so I had to think of another way to get out! And as much as I hate doing this, I had to do the sneak out =( I got him interested in showing Alicia our movie cabinet so when he sat down with her to show her his movies I snuck out the back. Damn, I hate doing that! But he was fine, so she said. Until right when we got to the restaurant she calls to tell me that he took a poop and would not let her change him! He wanted me! AHHH! I ended up telling her to just do what she had to do to get it changed. By the next time I text her he was on the couch on sleeping! Which he never does so that shocked me! A little bit later she text to tell me he was awake but was being good thinking he was playing X-box! LOL! He holds an extra control while the boys play and thinks he's really playing too! Hey, but whatever works!
Okay, so Eddie and I met up with a bunch of friends at a local restaurant/bar and watched the LSU game, ate, had some drinks and just sat around talking. After that we went to our little daiquiri/bar hangout. When we pulled up I noticed my sister's car in the parking lot and was surprised to see her when we walked in. I felt kinda bad because I forgot to invite her to come out with us! Being she just had a baby 2 months ago, I just figured she wasn't ready to go out yet, oops! Anyway, she was just as surprised to see me and we all sat together and talked, it was all good. We left around midnight because I didn't want to be to late with the new sitter. When we got home they were all sleeping except Brenden, Chase woke up when we walked in and he rode with me to bring her home. On the way home I asked her how everything went and told her to be honest! She said that my kids were probably the best kids she'd ever babysat! Whoo hoo! That was good to hear! Only bad thing was that Logan called her a bad word after she made him let her change his diaper, whoops :/ After dropping her off I drilled Chase about the night and what he thought and he said everything went well and he would definitely want her to watch them again in the future so that was good to hear too =)

Another thing, I'm not used to is having to pay for a sitter! I had NO idea what the going rate was these days and she told me to just pay her whatever I thought was good. So I paid her $30, I figured $10 per child would work. She said what I paid was good so I guess I did okay!