Friday, November 23, 2007

Something Very Special

While at my parents for Thanksgiving my Mom, sister and I were talking about my Grandma (Mom's mom). She passed away this past March 1. I was talking about how I like carrying on her love for baking and then got onto the subject of how I was upset that I did not get anything special to remember her by when she passed. That reminded my Mom that she had something of my Grandma's for me. She took me back to her room and handed me a 14 carat gold nugget pendant with a 1 carat diamond. I am so happy to have something that will always remind me of my Grandma =) But what made it even more special was the engraving that I did not see on the back of it! When I was showing Eddie, he noticed it and read it out to me...engraved on the back was: LMH - REG 1935-1985. It was the gift my Grandfather gave to my Grandmother for their 50th wedding anniversary! When I told my Mom she did not even know that was on there.
I'm going to take it to the Jewelry store this next week to have it cleaned and appraised and then pick out a thick gold chain so I can start wearing it!


Bec & Tim said...

Oh my goodness, Kristi. That warmed my heart. What a very precious gift from above. I imagine Grandma had it all planned out in her own special way for you to get that!! :)