Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gotta lose some weight!!!!

Oh My Goodness! I am embarrassed to say this...but I gained about 17 pounds this Summer. How, I have no idea. I was so active, always moving, swimming, chasing after someone. I didn't eat as much being we were so busy, I just don't know how this happened! It just sucks because I worked so hard to keep the weight off after having Logan =(

So not like I didn't already know I was going to have to lose this extra weight, plus the 30 I also need to lose to be at the weight I'd like to be, it gets even worse! My brother's fiance came by today. I thought it was kinda odd since she never comes over by herself, but she had something important to tell me. What she wanted to tell me was that she and my brother have set their wedding date and that I am going to be a Brides Maid! Of course I accepted and thanked her but I guess the thought of having to wear a dress hadn't yet crossed my mind. Even when she asked to use my computer to show me the dress she had picked out, still not registering yet...and even when she showed me the dress, still not getting through to me! LOL! It wasn't until after she left that I came back in to take a second look and view the full view including the back of the dress did I realize what I had just gotten myself into, AHHHHH! This is one of those dresses that only looks good on a size ZERO, and their ass would still look fat! I am a size FOURTEEN! I HATE dresses to begin with because they never fit me, not without alterations. I am a top heavy girl...a 40 DDD to be exact with a decent waist and medium hips so they really have to alter the top. But even if I were to lose the weight and say get down to a size 9/10 where I'd like to be this dress still wouldn't look good. And the other 3 brides maids will all be having babies a few months before the wedding so I'm sure they can't be too happy with this dress choice either! I am SO hoping she changes her mind between now and the wedding. Which by the way, is scheduled for November 22, 2008. So I have like 10 months to lose it before dress fitting time next September. Oh, and I'm also buying one of those slim fit body shaper things ...I'm sure ya'll have seen the commercial!

So if anyone has any ideas, advice, anything on how they lost weight please send them my way!

(Aha! Thank you to Becky for telling me how to put the picture where I want it!!)

This is the dress except it will be Midnight Blue...and it better have one of those shawl, cover up thingy's!!