Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Calm Before Hurricane Gustav

Well, it's Sunday night and it's eerily calm.

I spent this morning picking up my plants and kids toys off the front porch. And making sure everything was hunkered down in the backyard and carport. Oh, I just remembered I need to take my windchime down and my mailbox too! The kids have hit it so many times with the football and soccer ball, it's hanging by a thread and I'd hate for it to fly off and break a neighbor's window!

I went out around lunch today because I needed some Benedryl from Walmart. I was shocked when I got there and it was closed and blockaded. Instead we went to Albertson's and the whole parking lot was full! People were everywhere, spending 100's of dollars on food and water and such. Lines spanned the entire store. They didn't have benedryl, but I did get some toilet paper and ice. The roads were packed and there were lines blocking the main roads to get into the gas stations. Crazy.

At 4 today we went across the street to our neighbor friend son's 1st b-day party. They played outside in the bounce castle in 95 degree heat with little to no breeze at all. We did get a quick little shower but only for a minute.

Now we just got done eating dinner and we're watching the weather channel. They were showing pics of New Orleans how they were already getting some nasty bands. And as they were talking the Tornado sirens went off. Unfortunately, we will be catching the northeast quadrant which is known for tornadic activity. I DO NOT like tornado's! This same band is on it's way to us in Baton Rouge right now. So I'm going to go bathe the kids and take a shower and get ready for all this. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight because I'll be up watching and listening! The worst is supposed to hit in the early morning hours and throughout the day Monday and even Tuesday.

I'm sure we'll lose power like we have through every other hurricane so I'll update as soon as I can.

Here's a pic before I go, guess I could have gotten closer, LOL! But if you look at the door area they were stacking huge crates of pressed cardboard to block it. Wish me luck!