Thursday, August 14, 2008

No More Dumb Blonde!

Ha ha, okay so now I'm just a dumb Brunette! That's what my husband jokes with me about. My natural color really is dark blonde but I've either been a very light blonde or hi-lited light blonde for most of my life. Every now and then I get an itch to do something different. I've been platinum, yellow blonde, bleach blonde, strawberry blonde, dark strawberry blonde, auburn, dark brown, light brown, pink and one time I was even army green after a bad mishap! (don't ever try to color over bleach blonde with an ash brown!) And for those who don't know I am a hairstylist, for the past 17 yrs. so that's why I play around with color so much.

So this time I decided on a color that was supposed to be a light caramel brown. Well, it came out orange! Or what most people were calling strawberry blonde, ick! So the next night I went with a medium brown. At first it seemed too dark (maybe not but I'm used to being a very high blonde) but after swimming and washing it turned out quite nice. I'd call it a light brown with a hint of reddish? I have a lot of red undertones. It's just the 28 day color since I'm not one to commit for too long, but since I colored over bleach blonde it won't wash all the way out. I think I might stick with this color through the winter though.


jinky bean said...

I like it.

I have winter colors and summer colors for my hair. In the winter I go to a light brown and let it grow out. In the summer I highlight it with blond. We spend so much time outside that it usually all turns blond, and my highlights turn really blond : )