Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Daze

Wow, has Summer gone by really, really FAST! We have been so very busy since we returned from Canada. I had promised the boys that if they were good while we were gone that we would buy them season passes to the water/amusement park here in town. Well, they were good so we got our season passes on June 23. We go there about 3 times a week and we usually stay for no less than 6 hours! It's exhausting to say the least. But we have a blast when we go. It will be open during the week for 3 more days and then only on weekends because school here starts on Thursday Aug. 7. (Well, not for us since I homeschool, thank goodness!) So we are going to go 1 more time on Tuesday. They will be open on the weekends only until Sept. 1 but I doubt we'll go much because it's always SO busy on the weekends.
In between going to the water/amusement park we go swimming 3 days a week at our friends house. They are the ones with the salt water pool. For beautiful pics of their pool and backyard see back to posts from last Summer titled "Fantasy Island".
And in between the water/amusement park and swimming and cooking and taking care of the house and yard and my husband & kids I manage to watch 2 little girls, Kaiden & Torie about 2 days a week. The girls are 3 yrs. and 5 months. And every now and then I have the 14 yr. old neighbor boy from down the street and my 10 month old neice Chelsea. Nah, I'm not busy, LOL!
I hope that everyone is enjoying their Summer and is not half as busy as I am =)