Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tracking Gustav...

This picture is from the 5 p.m. EST forecast and shows landfall just a few miles west of us. That would put us on the bad side. There is still a huge margin of error, but people are freaking out even more now! I'm going to venture out today to get a few things, not because I'm panicking but because all of the people from lower lying areas will come here and then I'll never find the food I need. That is what happened after Katrina & Rita. Our store's shelves were empty for weeks after because of the influx of people. We were lucky to find diapers, bread, toilet paper, or chips!

I did go to Target & Albertson's today. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't packed, but you could tell what people were stocking up on. The same thing I was! Almost all the bread & peanut butter was gone. Tuna was gone. And they were re-stocking the water. The gas stations were still full with people filling up containers. No propane left. No generators left. They did have batteries at CVS!
I think I'm good for now. Just need toilet paper & paper towels and some juice and maybe some Sprite. Oh, and gas but I'll do that this weekend!