Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yikes! Gustav is coming!

Well, this is the 11 p.m. EST track for Saturday, August 30. Not looking too good. I'll be honest, I was hoping it would come close enough to take a few roof shingles because I am really in need of a new roof! We had an estimate done in June and it will be about $7000. I don't have that on hand. So if the hurricane takes them off it's paid for. But never did I expect a Cat. 4 to come this close! Yikes!

The interstates were bumper to bumper today, and New Orleans has already started getting people out by bus and train. And they called for a madatory evacuation of all the low lying areas. They say 1 million people left the coast today. And they expect another 2 million to leave tomorrow! That's a lot of people! Tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. contra flow starts. For those who don't know that means the interstates will be one way only! And I've already noticed the increase in people in our city. It's crazy out there so I'm staying home until after the storm passes!

I went out today and got a few more things. LSU was playing so the roads weren't too bad. Or maybe it was because everyone was at the store and gas station? Those were packed. Thank goodness I could get what I needed at the Dollar General.
This evening Eddie, the kids & I went out to get some 'D' batteries, some cash and some dinner. We did find the batteries at Albertson's but the bank in there was out of cash. We did end up getting cash at another ATM. Then we wanted Pizza so we went to CiCi's Pizza and they were closing? At 8 p.m. Then I looked next door and realized the Party City had been boarded up! So we decide to go across the street to Petco to get our bearded dragon some food and they were all boarded up too, but they were open. Conn's was also boarding up. I expect many other places to do this tomorrow too but doubt I'll go out tomorrow to see.

Since it was getting late we just got nasty Burger King and went home.
I still have a few more things to get done before tomorrow night. Like clean the alcove by the back door and move all light stuff in there. Then we have to go up in the attic and put up some plastic sheeting because we have a leak! Tomorrow afternoon is my friend across the street son's first b-day. It's supposed to be outside, hmmm, don't think that's gonna work since the rain and wind is said to be coming tomorrow afternoon. Guess we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey - have you left? Are you close to that storm? All over this country we are thinking about you and your family and friends there on the gulf coast. I'm sitting here in the mountains, and though I miss Texas sooo much (OMG no one in Utah even knows what Sweet Tea IS much less knows how to make it) - I'm glad we have no hurricanes and rare tornados. Just mountains and a low crime rate.

Be safe Mommy 2 Hands. We are pulling for you.

Salt Lake City Mom

Kristi said...

Thanks SLC Mom =) We are in Baton Rouge, the storm will past just a few miles west of us which puts us on the bad side of the storm. But we are staying here. I want to make sure the house is ok. If it's anything like it was after Katrina we will leave and go to Missouri where most of my family is.
Thanks again =)