Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain, Tropical Storms & Hurricane's, Oh My!

First, we've had an unusual amount of rain for August. So much that it's ruined our swimming days and the ph of the pool! Then Tropical Storm Fay came through this past Sunday & Monday. It started raining around 3 a.m. Sunday morning and continued through Monday evening. Now, we're watching Hurricane/Tropical Storm Gustav. Honestly, I hadn't even heard of it til yesterday and I really don't think much of it because it's still so far away and has been downgraded. But people around here are freaking out! One of Eddie's employees had to leave early today to go down to the gulf to bring a trailer back. I went to the grocery just for some crackers and butter and almost all of the water was gone! Then I heard some people talking about how all the batteries in town are gone. Then I went to the gas station for some cigs and I could barely get in. There were lines of people getting gas! Not just getting gas, but filling up many containers with gas in the back of their trucks!
I do understand that we need to be prepared. And I really did realize this after Hurricane's Katrina & Rita. But I don't think we should all panic and run out and buy everything up either. So I will keep an eye out, see what the track might be come Saturday and then go from there.
We were trying to figure out what would be the easiest thing to eat if we lose power and Brenden thought of it tonight...Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches! So that's what we'll stock up on, LOL! That and some canned goods, crackers, chips, poptarts, grain bars and water!