Friday, November 2, 2007

My poor camera =(

Well, after 2 yrs. my camera has had it! When we went to the beach in September it must have gotten sand in the lens area. So for a while it would just sound rough but still opened but I guess the more times it opened the sand worked it's way up into the gears that open and extend the lens. It started getting worse to where I'd have to kinda pull on the lens and then Halloween night it just gave up and won't open at all now. Which really sucks because I love to take pics! It's not worth getting fixed because so many more advanced digital cameras have come out since then and I'd really like a better one. So I guess I'll be asking Eddie for a new digital camera for Christmas and hopefully he'll give it to me early!


Anonymous said...

Well your kids are lucky they have someone to fill that gap. Honestly I can't understand why the real grandparents don't step up to plate. Maybe they need a kick you know where.

I have one grandson and even though I haven't seen him in two years (because distance seperates up 4,000 miles) I would do anything to have him living close to us.