Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We had a good one. We all woke up around 9 a.m. Christmas morning. The kids went after their Santa gifts and stocking first. Santa got the 3 boys Nintendo DS's. Bren got Black, Chase got Blue, and Logan got Crimson. They each found DS games in their stockings along with other things and candy. We ate a quick breakfast then onto opening the other gifts. We got Chase a Losi mini RC Hemi truck. It's cute and fast and easy for him to control, he loves it! We got Logan a Razor Malibu Scooter, an Indiana Jones whip and hat (he's been dying for that!) and a Cars (the movie) car set. He was happy. And we got Brenden an LG VU cell phone and case. He's been asking for quite a while and ALL his friends have one, and he is a teen now so I figured we should go for it. He was very happy. We also got them a few other little things.
I gave my hubby a Ralph Lauren 1/2 zip pullover, RL long sleeve shirt and the kids gave him some pajama pants. From the kids I got a Hello Kitty scrabooking kit and from my hubby I got a really cool wooden Advent calendar with little doors that open for each day and $100 to go shopping for some clothes!

After opening gifts the kids played with their stuff while I cleaned up and got everyone ready. I baked 2 potato casserole's a one sweet potato casserole and we were off to my parents house for 1. There we had Christmas lunch then opened presents with them. Bren got some money (that's what he wanted) Chase got a big Nerf gun that shoots a million bullets like and oozie! And they hurt too! And he got a board game. Logan got a smaller Nerf gun and a fishing game. Eddie and I got money. After we had dessert and left a little after 4 to go home to rest for a bit until we had to be at his parents house. I picked up some more and tried to rest a bit then had to bake 2 more potato casserole's! We went to his parents house for 6:30. We ate Christmas dinner then opened presents there. Bren got more money (again, what he asked for!), Chase and Logan got Air Hawk anti gravity cars, they really do drive on the walls! Eddie got a drill & a Crown Royal gift set and I got a $50 gift card. We had dessert, again! And left there around 10. I was SO tired by the time we got home! Of course the kids wanted to play with all their stuff. Eddie is usually off between Christmas and New Year but couldn't get that this year so he had to work the next day and went to bed, sucks. I stayed up with the kids til about 2 that morning!
We had a great Christmas with lots of good food and family =)
Hope you did too!
My kids can't wait til next Christmas! Only 362 more days til Christmas, LOL!
Here are some pics- More to come...