Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!

Well, they are really graham cracker houses, LOL! We started this tradition last year. We go to our neighbor's house 2 houses down, we make gingerbread houses and eat dinner and the kids play.
Brenden and his friend Richard were making gingerbread mansions but they both fell down =(
I helped Logan and Chase. Logan's roof fell in but I picked it up and put some crackers down for reinforcement! They both came out great. Except when we got home I had set them both on the counter but while we were'nt looking the stupid dog tried to eat Chase's and knocked it on the floor ruining it. I did get some pics before though!

When we got home I had to run to the store real quick, Bren, Chase & Richard came with me and Logan (3) stayed home with Eddie. Well, Eddie was in the back of the house cleaning the bathroom and I guess Logan couldn't find him so he walked back down to the neighbor's house telling them that we had all left him home alone!! So I get home and Dana is walking down the street with Logan and says "ya'll really did leave". I'm like no, not all of us, Eddie is home, why? So she tells me how Logan came down telling her we had all left him! I felt like a bad mom for a second! I went in the house to find Eddie who's still in the back and ask him if he knew where Logan was. He says he thought he went to the store with me! Great, just great!

After all this I made 5, yes 5 potato casserole's! I need 1 for Christmas eve, and 4 for Christmas Day...2 for my parent's and 2 for Eddie's parents get togethers. I want to do as little as possible tomorrow and Christmas so I make those ahead that way all I have to do is make the topping real quick and bake it.

Tomorrow night the kids adopted grandparents are coming over for Christmas Eve dinne with us. I have most of the house cleaned but still need to do the floors. I'm hoping to have a semi-relaxed day tomorrow. Christmas day will be busy, busy, busy! But fun nonetheless =)

I am done with all my shopping and all my wrapping so I'm ready for some Christmas fun!

Here are some pics from tonight: